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The Growing Library eBook Culture Amy Pawlowski Cleveland Public Library.

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1 The Growing Library eBook Culture Amy Pawlowski Cleveland Public Library

2 Library eBook Market Platform/Delivery method (Vendors) vary based on market demand ◦Public Mostly Popular Titles ◦Academic Mostly Scholarly Titles ◦School Library (K-12) Combination – focus on required reading Vendors *currently* tend to focus on either Academic or Popular items.

3 Geeky Stats: Academic Library 94% of academic libraries already offer ebooks 80% by 2020 - academic econtent expenditures 87% of students say online libraries/ databases have impact on learning 50% of students say ebooks/textbooks impact learning 65% of academic libraries offer/plan to offer services to handheld devices 25% by 2015 - digital textbook revenues

4 Geeky Stats: School Library One-third of school libraries (33%) say they currently offer ebooks to users. ◦The likelihood of carrying ebooks increases by grade level. As for that 67% that currently don’t offer ebooks: ◦25% plan to offer ebooks in the next 12 months ◦42% plan to offer ebooks in the next couple of years. ◦One-third (34%) of school libraries say they currently have no plans to offer e- books.

5 Geeky Stats: Public Library 72% of Public Libraries are offering eBooks Of the 28% of public libraries that currently don’t offer ebooks ◦32% plan to offer ebooks in the next 12 months ◦28% plan to offer ebooks in the next couple of years. 5% of public libraries circulate preloaded ereading devices, while 24% are considering it. Kindle was the top device. Currently, one-fifth of the US online population reads at least two books per month $9.99 per title, one title per week, avid Ereader will spend $519.48

6 Meeting Needs of a Growing Demographic eReader & Tablet Market ◦By 2015, 30 Million People In U.S. will own eReaders and 82 million US consumers (one- third of US online consumers) will be using a tablet 1 Mobile market ◦Using apps on phones is 2nd only to email and texting, taking is 3rd ◦35% of U.S. Adults own a smartphone. 2 ◦Projection: One in Two Americans will have a smartphone by the end of 2011. 3 Forrester Research. US Tablet Sales Will More Than Double This Year (January 4, 2011) us_tablet_sales_will_more_than_double_this_year us_tablet_sales_will_more_than_double_this_year Pew Internet Project survey from May 2011 Nielsen Company Report. Android Soars, but iPhone Still Most Desired as Smartphones Grab 25% of U.S. Mobile Market. soars-but-iphone-still-most-desired-as-smartphones-grab-25-of-u-s-mobile-market soars-but-iphone-still-most-desired-as-smartphones-grab-25-of-u-s-mobile-market

7 Economic Impact Current Cost Comparison The Paris Wife by Paula McLain Pricing Models ◦Going to change as market grows Collection Development Budget ◦Need to devote more $ to electronic format as eBook circulation/popularity rises Print circa $15 (40% off trade hardback) Additional Costs: Cataloging Processing Shipping Lose rate Electronic $24.99 (list price) Additional Costs: Cataloging

8 What is an eBook, Anyway? “Traditional” ◦“an electronic version of a printed book that can be read on a computer or handheld device designed specifically for this purpose.” - Oxford Dictionaries What about these? ◦Pop Out! – Peter Rabbit ◦iDrakula the-week-idrakula/ the-week-idrakula/ ◦Next Gen Digital Book:

9 Things to Think About Technology Changes Rapidly The Publishing Industry is Struggling ◦Financially ◦Dealing with the shift in format We Live in a Capitalist Society eContent Library Market: Gears ◦We all play a part Legal Considerations ◦Ownership ◦Rights to Distribute ◦Author’s Rights Amazon: Friend or Foe? ◦Public Library Books for Kindle (via OverDrive) ◦“Netfilx” for eBooks? subscription-in-talks-for-kindle-tablet-12178802/ subscription-in-talks-for-kindle-tablet-12178802/

10 Keeping Up No Shelf Required ◦ TeleRead ◦ OverDrive – Digital Library Blog ◦

11 Amy Pawlowski (216) 623-2988

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