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James Monroe and Strengthening the Nation By Erick Calvillo.

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1 James Monroe and Strengthening the Nation By Erick Calvillo

2 Adams-Onis Treaty James Monroe sent troops led by Andrew Jackson to Florida in order to capture it. He eventually captured various important military posts and overthrew the governor of Florida. Jackson's actions led Spain to negotiate. The Adams- Onis Treaty settled all border disputes between the U.S. and Spain Under this treaty, Spain gave east Florida to the US. In return, the US gave up its claims to what is now Texas

3 Monroe Doctrine The Monroe Doctrine was a document warning European powers not to interfere with the Americas President James Monroe was worried that rival European powers would take control of the newly independent Latin American Countries, so he made the Monroe Doctrine It was strongly criticized Europeans but few challenged it. It has remained important to US foreign policy

4 Henry Clay Henry Clay is a US representative from Kentucky who is a supporter of nationalism The American System is a series of measures intended to make the United States economically self sufficient Henry Clay's home is in Lexington, Kentucky

5 Roads and Canals The Cumberland Road was the first road built by the federal government that ran from Cumberland, Maryland to Wheeling, Virginia The Eerie Canal was the largest canal was built from 1817 to 1825. It helped move good between towns on Lake Erie and New York City

6 Era of Good Feelings The Era of Good Feelings was a time of peace, pride, and progress that took place between 1815 and 1825. The phrase was made by a Boston editor in 1875 during James Monroe's visit to New England

7 Missouri Compromise The Missouri Compromise settled the conflict of whether Missouri should be a free state or a slave state. It stated Missouri would be added to the Union as a slave state, and Maine as a free state to keep the amount of free and slave states equal. It also stated slavery would be prohibited in any territories north of Missouri's southern border Henry Clay convinced Congress to agree to this compromise

8 John Quincy Adams In 1824, Andrew Jackson got the most amount of votes in his presidential election. However, he didn't get enough electoral votes to win office. The House of Representatives then chose the president to be John Adams. People, mostly supporters of Jackson, accused Adams saying he made a corrupt bargain with Henry Clay

9 What issues were settled between the United States and Great Britain in 1817 and 1818? The Rush-Bagot Agreement, which limited Naval power on the Great Lakes for both the United States and British Canada The Convention of 1818 set the border between the United States and Canada


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