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Threat and Error Management in Aviation

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1 Threat and Error Management in Aviation
Center of Excellence October 28th 2002 Captain Mark Auerman

2 Topics Brief history of Crew Resource Management
Threat and Error Management Error management tools in aviation Questions are encouraged!!

3 What is Crew Resource Management (CRM) ?
effective use of all resources, to achieve the highest possible level of safety and efficiency (Transport Canada)

4 Historical Development of CRM

5 Aircraft accident rates were extremely high post WWII to the 1970’s

6 These high accident rates were largely attributable to unreliable aircraft equipment

7 Caused accident rates to decline significantly until the mid 1970’s

8 Since then the accident rate has leveled off

9 Now we must address deficiencies in Crew Performance with Crew Resource Management Training

10 Goal of CRM Provide resources and strategies to allow airline crews to effectively manage threats and errors.

11 Latent and Active Errors
Active errors are caused by the crew mismanaging the resources Latent errors are errors we inherit POLICIES PROCEDURES

12 What is CRM training all about ?

13 CRM Training develops skills and strategies in the following areas…
Communication Crew Performance Leadership Situational Awareness Decision Making

14 Proactive Error Management Tools
CRM training mandated by Transport Canada Initial 3 day course Periodic refresher training focused on topical issues Practical based training

15 Evolution of training Advanced Qualification Program
Script a simulator event looking for specific observable CRM behaviors 50% of the grade is based on CRM practices Collect crew performance data that feeds back into the training system and modifies future training curriculum

16 Simulator Training Procedures Trainers
– must demonstrate competency every 6 – 8 months Decision making Trainers Real life scenarios played out in real time Allows crews to gain experience and practice decision making

17 Line Checks Assess and evaluate crew performance during line operations Technical + CRM = Crew Performance*

18 Challenges Very difficult to grade Are we making a difference?
Cost issue Changing Attitudes and Culture

19 Conclusions many “soft skills” combined with practical strategies are required to manage error CRM is the most flexible error management tool CRM has effectively increased crew performance to make flight operations safer

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