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Secretariat Report Kazunori Konishi

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1 Secretariat Report Kazunori Konishi

2 * 2nd Meeting in SG * Monthly reports * WWW pages * Meeting arrangements * Front Desk * Secretary of the Chair(s)

3 Second Committee Meeting in SG * Committee Members have been updated. * Prof. S. Goto was nominated for Deputy Chair. * NOC activities * Technology WG & Application WG meetings * Resource Allocation Sub-Committee * Regional reports * Status on NSF HPIIS proposal * Meeting Reports & Future Meeting Plan

4 Monthly Report 1997.11 Singapore Meeting Report 1997.12 Collaboration with DANTE&UKERNA Meeting Announcement in D.C. Link Updates of SingaREN, etc. 1998.1 New Sub-Working Groups: Multimedia, Tele-immersion, Satellite Reports of D.C meetings(NLANR, CCIRN) Announcement of Tsukuba Meeting

5 Meetings: 1997.10 APAN & SingaREN meetings/Workshop 1997.11 Ad hoc NOC meeting in Tokyo 1997.12 D.C. meetings WG(IPv6, Mbone, RSVP) Joint Meetings with NLANR & CA*net2 1998.2 Ad hoc NOC meeting in Taejon

6 Secretary - AUP - NSF

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