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January 23, 20071 Quincy Wu Interconnecting VoIP on Taiwan Academic Network (TANet)

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1 January 23, 20071 Quincy Wu ( Interconnecting VoIP on Taiwan Academic Network (TANet)

2 January 23, 20072 The History of TANet Taiwan Academic Network (TANet) was build in July of 1990. The ministry of education and several national universities constructed the TANet to support education and research. The TANet is aim to combine and provide the network to each level of schools and research center in Taiwan. Therefore the office staff of the research center, students and schoolteachers are able to learning, studying and research through the network. And have a chance to build a collaboration mode of information shearing. Base on the TANet, each level of schools build the school network and connected to the internet with whole country and whole world. TANet have impetus to education of information in elementary school and junior high school Learning and develop form the Internet and the information environment of lifetime learning To carry out the computerize of national education administration Providing research of education life use etc…

3 January 23, 20073 TANet Serve To: Each level of school, include : elementary school junior high school high school vocational school special education further education universities. (4,946) Internal education and research department (16) Library and Cultural Center (41) The departments of the ministry of education and government. (31) TANet served about 5 million students and 460,000 school teachers and office employee.

4 January 23, 20074 The Development of Network Bandwidth Internal Network Bandwidth –2001: 155 Mbps –2002: 622 Mbps –2003: 6000 Mbps –2004: 6000 Mbps International Network Bandwidth –2001: 100 Mbps –2002: 180 Mbps –2003: 310 Mbps –2004: 3000 Mbps

5 January 23, 20075 Development of Network Bandwidth Bandwidth (Mbps) 0 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 6,000 7,000 2001200220032004 Yearly International Internal

6 January 23, 20076 TANet IP Telephony Deployment

7 January 23, 20077 Deployment in City Network Center I-Lan CNC –Scope 120 CPE (Gateway); each one has 4 FXS ports –Amount 200 Hardphones –Procotol SIP Tainan CNC –Scope All staffs in CNC & Bureau of Education have hardphones. –Amount 570 Hardphones –Protocol SIP Kaohsiung CNC –Protocol H.323 hardphones SIP-H323 gateway will be deployed More than 50% counties/cities got Fiber to each school in TANet

8 January 23, 20078 Kaohsiung Tainan Hsinchu I-Lan New CNC ? ? ? ?

9 January 23, 20079 Current Issues Interoperability Between SIP Servers –You can expect that every vendor claims that they follow RFC 3261 … Fault-Finding –Whose implementation causes the fault?

10 January 23, 200710 If Everything Goes Fine … SIP Proxy Server SIP RTP

11 January 23, 200711 What Happened? SIP Proxy Server SIP ??? Ethereal

12 January 23, 200712 Ethereal

13 January 23, 200713 Not Easy for Remote Hosts SIP Proxy Server SIP ??? Ethereal

14 January 23, 200714 Some Issues To run Ethereal, you need to have root privilege on that server –To capture all packets on the NIC You run Ethereal on the remote server, and display it on your laptop –The server need to support X Window Ok for most Linux servers –This approach consumes lots of bandwidth

15 January 23, 200715 Our Approach Develop a supporting tool which –Capture SIP messages on the server –Send it to your laptop via HTTP –Ajax is adopted to support real-time update for better interaction. Ajax is a mechanism adopted in Google Map and Goggle Suggest to facilitate real-time update of browser display.

16 January 23, 200716 System Architecture

17 January 23, 200717 Screen Snapshot

18 January 23, 200718 Demo

19 January 23, 200719 Future Work Access Control –Each manager should only be able to view the SIP messages of his own accounts. Publish this tool on

20 January 23, 200720 Kaohsiung Tainan Hsinchu I-Lan CNC ? IPT Exchange

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