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Reviewed by Kim Davis EDLD 5362 Final Project May 15, 2011.

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2 Reviewed by Kim Davis EDLD 5362 Final Project May 15, 2011

3 To improve the performance of our school district, the staff and students of the Pearsall ISD must learn to use technology effectively. Successful integration of technology into the curriculum will help the school district meet federal, state and local goals. The financial commitment made towards technology by the school board must be used effectively. Implementing state of the art technology is expensive, so the district technology plan must be the instrument that drives the growth and development in our technology program. The administration and the individual campus technology committees are the vehicle that will assess, implement, monitor, and evaluate the successful implementation of the technology plan. The main theme of the plan is to lay a foundation of leadership and direction to support and strengthen learning environments by working with educators, state agencies, parents and families, communities, and members of business to promote effective uses of technology for teaching and learning. (Source: Pearsall ISD Technology Plan, 2011) Executive Summary

4 Located in Educational Service Center Region 20. Four campuses serving 2,279 students 81.48% are economically disadvantaged Technology Expenditures total $589,000 Teaching and Learning Budget: $160,000 Educator Preparation and Development Budget: $30,000 Leadership, Administration, and Support Budget:$85,000 Infrastructure for Technology Budget:$314,000 Technology expenditure per pupil: $258.45 7 Students per computer 1 Teacher per computer All classrooms in all campuses have 100% direct internet connection. Pearsall ISD does file e-Rate form 470; filed October 2, 2010 (Source: Pearsall ISD Technology Plan, 2011) District Profile

5 District in Developing Stages Needs Assessment Instruments: District Improvement Plan Campus Improvement Plan Staff Surveys Teacher STAR Chart Texas Long Range Plan for Technology (LRPT) Professional Development Appraisal System (PDAS) SolarWinds and DeepNines Network Management Software (Source: Pearsall ISD Technology Plan, 2011) Needs Assessment

6 Full-Time Support: Director of Technology PEIMS Coordinator Technical Support Specialists Telecommunications Services: AT&T Local, internet, and some Long - Distance 40 telephone lines 70 cell phones NTS Communications long distance (8)T-1 lines for internet access (3) dedicated to distance learning & video conferencing 70% average capacity per SolarWinds Management Software Fiber optic network connect (3) campuses to administration building Elementary school connects via Gigaman circuit Public Library connects via Alvaion wireless point-to-point bridges 90% of classrooms have 4-5 Ethernet connections (Source: Pearsall ISD Technology Plan, 2011) Existing Conditions

7 1.Continue to develop and implement a comprehensive staff development plan to improve technology integration. 2.Continue to implement new student technologies. 3.Continue to implement new classroom technologies. 4.Expand the use of distance learning to improve education throughout the community. 5.Implement and maintain Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology for improved communication. 6.Maintain and upgrade a robust network infrastructure capable of supporting existing and new technologies. 7.Replace obsolete equipment in the classroom and reduce student/computer ratios to meet LRPT recommendations. 8.Expand the use of district website. (Source: Pearsall ISD Technology Plan, 2011) Technology Needs

8 Texas publishes a Long Range Plan for Technology (LRPT) to address four key areas: Teaching and Learning Educator Preparation and Development Leadership, Administration and Instructional Support Services Infrastructure for Technology The district plan correlates with these key areas through five technology goals for the next year. The district plan also correlates with e-Rate recommendations and NCLB requirements. (Source:, 2011) Goals, Objectives, and Strategies

9 Enhance the technology skills of the educational staff through a comprehensive staff development system. Objective 1.1 Provide technology literacy staff development to all of the instructional staff every year to improve technology integration in the classroom. Objective 1.2 Provide staff development to improve technology skills of the administrative and support staff. (Source: Pearsall ISD Technology Plan, 2011) Goal #1

10 Improve student learning through the appropriate use of technology. Objective 2.1 Improve the technology skills of all students by offering a technology curriculum at all grade levels that meets or exceeds state and national requirements. Objective 2.2 Insure equal access to technology for all students. (Source: Pearsall ISD Technology Plan, 2011) Goal #2

11 Pearsall ISD will incorporate new and existing technologies into the instructional process at all campuses. Objective 3.1 Utilize technology in the classroom to improve student learning. Objective 3.2 Utilize technology to improve communication with parents and the community. (Source: Pearsall ISD Technology Plan, 2011) Goal #3

12 Pearsall ISD will continue to expand the use of school facilities to improve education in the community. Objective 4.1 Expand the number of post secondary institutions that provide dual credit, undergraduate, graduate, certification, and adult literacy courses in the community. Objective 4.2 Increase the number of distance learning classrooms to accommodate more adult learners. (Source: Pearsall ISD Technology Plan, 2011) Goal #4

13 Pearsall ISD will use technology to provide timely and accurate data for decision-making at the campus and district level. Objective 5.1 School district administrators will model the use of technology to improve communication and technology skills among school employees. Objective 5.2 Review and evaluate student performance data annually. Objective 5.3 Review and evaluate the PEIMS data to improve the operations of the school district. (Source: Pearsall ISD Technology Plan, 2011) Goal #5

14 Budget ItemCostFunding Sources Staff Development$30,000Local Salary: $25,000 State Technology: $5,000 Telecommunications & Internet Access $160,000Local Salary: $50,000 Local Funds: $40,000 eRate Funds: $70,000 Materials and Supplies$200,000Local Funds: $160,000 State Technology: $40,000 Equipment$35,000Local Funds: $30,000 State Technology: $5,000 Maintenance$125,000Local Salary Tech: $90,000 Local Funds: $35,000 Miscellaneous Expenses$39,000PEIMS Coordinator: $39,000 Total$589,000 Budget Funding Sources 2011-2012 (Source: Pearsall ISD Technology Plan, 2011)

15 Process: Evaluated and updated annually All recommendations considered and prioritized Methodology: Integrating technology into curriculum and instruction Increasing the ability of teachers to teach Enabling students to meet challenging state academic standards Acquiring and deploying technologies and telecommunication services Meeting timelines for implementation (Source: Pearsall ISD Technology Plan, 2011) Evaluation

16 Pearsall Independent School District. (2011). 2011-2012 Technology Plan. Pearsall, TX. Texas Education Agency. (2002). Texas Long Range Plan for Technology. Retrieved on May 15, 2011, from 3665. Resources

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