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Day 5 Grammar Spelling Grammar Spelling Grammar Spelling.

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1 Day 5 Grammar Spelling Grammar Spelling Grammar Spelling

2 A Days Work Author: Eve Bunting Illustrator: Ronald Himler Skill: Character and Visualization Genre: Realistic Fiction

3 Question of the Week When is a solution the wrong solution?

4 Review Concept Vocabulary How does this week's Concept Web of vocabulary words relates to the theme of right and wrong? Do you have any words or categories to add? Listen to the title of the next selection, Prudy's Problem. Which Concept Web words might apply to the new selection based on the title? We will put a star next to these words on the web.

5 Small Group Read the leveled readers. Assess green groups reading rate..

6 Reteach Character Characters are the people or animals in a story. Look at what a character says and does to learn what he or she is like. What the character says What the character does What the character is like

7 Reteach Character Lets all play baseball at recess, said Jed. So we got the bats and balls. We took them out to the playground. Jed helped us divide into two teams. What base do you want to play? Jed asked Maria. Id rather play in the outfield, Maria said. So Maria played in the outfield. Jed pitched, like he always does. He struck out several players. No one minded because Jed let everyone play ball.

8 Paraphrase Paraphrasing is putting the ideas of a story or selection into your own words. Something that is paraphrased has the author's meaning, but it is simpler to read than the original text. After you read a difficult sentence or passage, think about what the writer said and retell it in your own words. Be sure not to copy the exact words from a sentence or passage. Read the last paragraph on p. 184, then paraphrase it. (Francisco showed his grandfather how to weed by pulling up plants and shaking dirt off the roots.)p. 184

9 Paraphrase Lets pick a sentence from the story and copy it exactly. Now we will paraphrase it. Remember not to use the authors exact words!

10 Review Context Clues Remember we can use context clues to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words. List any unknown words you encountered as they read A Day's Work. Lets create a chart showing the unknown word, helpful context clues, and their definition of the word based on its context. We can check word meanings using a dictionary.

11 Context Clues I have listed some words below from the story:

12 Fluency Partners practice reading aloud p. 188, three times.p. 188 Make sure you read with characterization and offer each other feedback (tell your partner what they are doing right and things they can improve.)

13 Grammar Day 5

14 9.Are there pickels on the sandwich. Are there pickles on the sandwich? 10.How hungry the workers is. How hungry the workers are!

15 Cumulative Review Complete pp. 86–89 in The Grammar and Writing Book. EXTRA PRACTICE Grammar and Writing Practice Book p. 128.

16 Spelling Day 5

17 Post-Test

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