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Northwest High School 9 th Grade Pre-Registration.

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1 Northwest High School 9 th Grade Pre-Registration

2 Selecting Your 9 th Grade Courses Begin with the end in mind:  Which college do you want to attend?  What do you want to study?  What are your career goals?

3 Schedule 2 semesters 7 classes – Choose classes with your future in mind Approximately 47 minutes Some classes change at the semester (i.e. Communication Applications, Health, etc.)

4 A quick, important definition: CREDIT A credit is what you receive when you pass a full year of one subject. Passing one semester (or a half a year) will earn you ½ credit. For example: English I = 1 credit Comm Apps. = ½ credit You must have 26 credits to graduate!!

5 Every Class Counts 6 credits = Sophomore 13 credits = Junior 19 credits = Senior **You retake only the classes you fail. ***You must earn at least 26 credits to graduate!!

6 RecommendedDistinguished English (I, II, III, IV) 4 Credits Mathematics 4 Credits (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II + 1 other) 4 Credits (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II + 1 other) Science 4 Credits (Biology, Chemistry, Physics + 1 other) 4 Credits (Biology, Chemistry, Physics + 1 other) Social Studies 3 1/2 Credits (W. Geography, W. History, US History, Government) 3 1/2 Credits (W. Geography, W. History, US History, Government)) Economics 1/2 Credit Physical Education 1 Credit Other Language 2 Credits (same language) 3 Credits (same language); Other measures are necessary to graduate on this plan. See following slide. Fine Arts 1 Credit (same course) Communication Applications 1/2 Credit Total Core Subjects 20 1/2 Credits21 1/2 Credits General Electives 5 1/2 Credits4 1/2 Credits Total Credits26 Credits Graduation Requirements: 4 years of each core subject (4 x 4) more core classes translates to fewer electives, so more thorough planning is important

7 Distinguished Plan: Requires 3 years of the same world language (Spanish, French, German) AND… Four Advanced Measures A combination of four of the following: 1. AP Classes with scores of three or better on the AP exam or Dual Credit classes with a B or better. 2. National Merit Commendation (PSAT) 3. Tech Prep classes (only one counts toward the total) with a grade of B or better 4. A research project done through an independent study class

8 PreAP? What are the Benefits? Better preparation for college College entrance Better preparation for SAT/ACT Scholarship opportunities Preparation for AP classes - can help you earn college credits Discuss this option with your parents and teachers.

9 GPA Your grade point average, more commonly known as your GPA, is calculated on a weighted scale. Advanced Placement (AP) = up to 7 points Pre-AP = up to 6 points Regular courses = up to 5 points

10 Freshman Core Classes English: PreAP, GT, or Regular English Math: Algebra 1, Geometry, PreAP Algebra I, or PreAP Geometry Social Studies: PreAP, GT, or Regular World Geography Science: PreAP or Regular Biology

11 Other Languages Recommended Plan = 2 credits Distinguished Plan= 3 credits Spanish GermanFrench Mandarin Chinese

12 Required Credits Needed for All Graduation Plans: PE: 1 credit Fine Arts: 1 credit Communication Applications: ½ credit

13 Athletics Football Wrestling Basketball Volleyball Swimming/Diving Soccer Cross Country/Track Baseball/Softball Golf Tennis  If you play more than one sport, select the sport that occurs first in the school year.  You must obtain your middle school coach ’ s signature indicating his/her approval.

14 9th Grade Course Request Form PRESS DOWN HARD WITH YOUR PEN SO WE CAN READ YOUR FORM! Step 1—Complete the demographic information. Check that you can read it on the yellow and pink copies!

15 Please fill out this information as neatly and correctly as possible.

16 9 th Grade Course Request Form Step 1 – Write your demographic information Step 2 – Choose Core Classes


18 9th Grade Course Request Form # = Pre-requisite (required criteria necessary for certain courses, i.e., Art I is required for Art II) * = Teacher approval (i.e., athletics, upper level courses, etc.) † = One semester course (i.e., Comm. Apps., Health, PE courses, etc.)

19 9th Grade Course Request Form Step 1—Write your demographic information Step 2—Choose core classes Step 3—Pick your electives


21 The 5 alternate classes are classes you pick in case one is unavailable. They are very important—choose them carefully, too.

22 Important Dates: Counselors meet with 8th grade students and parents on December 8 Pre-registration forms are due and will be picked up by HS counselors on December 15th at Chisholm Trail & December 16th at Pike June 3, 2010—Last day to change your course requests

23 2010-2011 Counselors A-Ca: Jennifer Martinez Cb-Fo: Mike Hays Fp-Ja: Sheneka Davis Jb-McD: Cayce Weston MCE-P: Amber Ward Q-Ste: Keith Tremethick Stf-Z: Jamie Farber

24 Information (including this PowerPoint) will be available on the Northwest Counseling Website. and click on the “Counseling” tab Don’t forget to join the e-mailing list! You can sign up on the website.


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