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Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program Gateway and End of Course 2007.

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1 Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program Gateway and End of Course 2007

2 Why Are We Assessing? TCA 49-1-608 and TCA 49-6-6001(a)(1) High School Examinations Policy in August, 2002, the State Board stipulated that beginning with students entering the 9th grade in 2001-2002, students must successfully pass examinations in three subject areas - Mathematics, Science, and Language Arts - in order to earn a high school diploma.

3 Purpose Accountability Exit Exams for High School Diploma Measure Growth of Schools/Systems Inform Instruction Through Reporting

4 Gateway/EOC Assessment The TCAP Gateway Assessments measure knowledge of Tennessee curriculum objectives in mathematics, language arts, and science covering curriculum content through Algebra I, English II, and Biology I. Students are required to pass each of the Gateway Assessments to be eligible for a regular high school diploma. The End of Course Tests measure student performance in Math Foundations II, English I, Physical Science, and U.S. History.

5 Competency to End of Course Gateway Tests, were intended to raise the academic bar for all high school students and add accountability for students' academic performance.

6 Gateway (Graduation Requirement) Operational End of Course Proposed End of Course Mathematics (Algebra I) also taken by Math for Technology II studentsMath Foundations IIAlgebra II Language Arts (English II)English IChemistry Science (Biology I) also taken by Biology for Technology studentsUS HistoryGeometry Physical Science Untimed75 Minutes Multiple-choice

7 Gateway/EOC Test Item Development Gateway/EOC Curriculum Standards Performance Indicators and Reporting Categories Item Writing Content and Bias Reviews Field-test Items/Calibration Operational Test

8 Standard Setting: Performance Levels Live Calibration Standard Setting Committee (Bookmark Procedure) Technical Advisory Committee Review State Department Review State Board Approval Below Proficient Proficient Advanced

9 Proficient and Advanced Cut Scores For Summer 2007 the passing scores, presented as number of items answered correctly, are: Summer 2007 Gateway/EOC Cut Scores Gateway Mathematics (Algebra I) Science (Bio I) Language Arts (Eng II) Advanced423740 Proficient302224 End of Course Math Foundations II English I U. S. History Physical Science Advanced41 4029 Proficient28232117

10 Results Results of individual student performance from all administered end of course tests including the three gateway examinations shall be provided to the individual teacher in a timely fashion to facilitate the inclusion of these results as part of the student's grade in that subject. This result shall count not less than 15% of the student's grade in the semester in which the test was administered.

11 Reporting Category Performance Mathematics Reporting Categories Number Sense/Theory Computation Algebraic Thinking Real World Problem Solving Data Analysis and Probability Measurement Geometry Real World Problem Solving Grade 6 State Performance Indicator (SPI) 6.1.2 Solve one-step real-world problems involving whole numbers and decimals. 6.2.5 Extend rate charts to solve real-world problems. 6.4.2 Solve real-world problems involving elapsed time. 6.4.6 Use scales to read maps. 6.4.7 Solve real-world problems involving perimeter and area of rectangles. 6.5.2 Interpret bar and line graphs to answer questions and solve real-world problems. State Performance Indicators (SPIs) are categorized under each Reporting Category.

12 Intervention Course work should be structured and scheduled to ensure that all students are successful. However, each local education agency shall provide research based academic interventions and require participation of students who have not met the minimum standard on any gateway examination. At least one intervention must be offered during the regular school day. All interventions shall be designed to meet the individual students needs, not simply repeating the course, and shall be conducted by a teacher endorsed in the subject area.

13 High School Reading/ Lang Arts MathGraduation Rate 2002-2003 through 2003-200486%65%90% 2004-2005 through 2006-200790%75%90% 2007-2008 through 2009-201093%83%90% 2010-2011 through 2012-201397%91%90% 2013-2014100% Adequate Yearly Progress Starting in Spring 2006 High School in Gateway Mathematics, Gateway Language Arts, and writing (grade 11)* * Science is assessed but not included in AYP calculations.

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