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HOW ACCESS TO WWW Student Name : Hussein Alkhaldi.

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1 HOW ACCESS TO WWW Student Name : Hussein Alkhaldi

2 Processes experienced by the user when requesting a web site Requirements :- 1- Computer with Network Card. 2- Internet Cabel. 3- OS. 4- Browser.

3 How access to www  Protocol :- Language of communication  When you go to URL to write a web site address (URL shortcut for Uniform resource Locater)  We write HTTP protocol, shortcut for (Hypertext transfer protocol)  Note The protocol(HTTPS) contains a layer of protection and the connection is encrypted  Then we write the domain with Extension.  Example (Http://www.  Domain is (Google),, Extension is (.com).

4 How access to www  When we press Enter after typing the domain..  The Browser sends the request to the DNS Servers.  DNS shortcut for (Domain Name Server)  The DNS contains DataBase Stores the domain names and IP numbers As the following form.

5 How access to www IP Number Domain

6 How access to www  DNS  DNS server contains one Extension  Example (com ; net ; org ; info ; ps etc)  When we write Enter the browser change domain name to IP address(*),, and send the Request to DNS SERVER And compares the IP address database in the DNS server  If the site Available return to browser and display it  If the site not found Request goes to another server (*)Because it is difficult for people to remember IP addresses for each site

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