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Grammar Unit Adverbs.

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1 Grammar Unit Adverbs

2 Let’s Review . . . The adverb is the fifth of the eight parts of speech. Just for the record, here are all eight: Noun Pronoun Adjective Verb Adverb Preposition Conjunction Interjection

3 First, let's start with a basic definition:
Adverbs modify verbs. An adverb can also modify adjectives and other adverbs. mod·i·fy = To qualify or limit the meaning of. For example, summer modifies day in the phrase a summer day.

4 Adverbs answer these questions:

5 How’s your short term memory?
Without looking at your notes, what are the FIVE questions that adverbs answer?

6 What might be some commonly used Adverbs?
WHERE: Here There Away Up WHEN: Now Then Later Soon Yesterday HOW: Easily Quietly Slowly Quickly HOW OFTEN: Never Always Often Seldom

7 More commonly used Adverbs.
TO WHAT EXTENT: Very Almost Too So Really

8 Now, how many more can YOU come up with from each category?

9 Let’s try some practice sentences . . .
The two dark cats were walking slowly on the fence. Slowly - modifies the verb walking and tells how the cats were walking Now it is time to trim the very long grass in the front yard. Now - modifies the verb is and tells when. Very - modifies the adjective long and tells to what extent She is never too easily frightened away. Never - modifies the verb is and tells how often. Too - modifies the adverb easily and tells to what extent. Easily - modifies the adjective frightened and tells how. Away - modifies the adjective frightened and tells where.

10 You have two minutes to . . . Find a partner, copy 3 sentences from a book, and identify any and all adverbs in the sentences. Be prepared to share with the class!

11 Take the next few minutes to prepare for the Adverb Quiz


13 Adverb Quiz Identify the adverbs in the following sentences.
1. Today, Sam suggested that we carefully clean the statue for the class service project. 2. The bank book is often there on the desk. 3. Jeanne could always clearly see the mountain through the binoculars Dan gave her. 4. The teacher never asked the shy boy to give an oral report. 5. He was too scared to consider a lengthy conversation with the extremely beautiful girl. 6. Do you have a special someone in your life now? 7. Her story was printed in the town paper much later.

14 Adverb Homework In a newspaper or magazine, find an article that interests you and is more than 10 sentences in length. Tape the article to a clean sheet of paper. With a LIGHT GREEN pencil or pen, underline and number all the adverb in the article. On the paper, identify the type of adverb it is. Due Tomorrow at the beginning of class.

15 Answers 1. today - tells when carefully - tells how
2. often - tells how often there - tells where 3. always - tells how often clearly - tells how 4. never - tells how often 5. too - tells to what extent extremely - tells to what extent 6. now - tells when 7. much - tells to what extent later - tells when

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