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About Us W ith due regard and great pleasure we would like to introduce MNC Consultant [] a Human Resource Management Company, providing.

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2 About Us W ith due regard and great pleasure we would like to introduce MNC Consultant [] a Human Resource Management Company, providing range of services focused into Talent Capital having core business into Manpower Recruitment. MNC Consultant consist a team of young, dynamic and high skilled professionals with in-depth knowledge, experience and exposure into Recruitment industry. MNC Consultant is supported by high educated, experienced and senior persons of multinational corporate group. I n HR services, we follow stringent quality standards while choosing the “Right” kind of candidate through regular interaction and skill assessment. We go an extra mile to provide best support and ensure that hiring competent people benefits your organization. We ensure that we exceed your expectations and in order to give an edge, adequate care is taken about candidate's personality, aptitude, communication, and adaptability to the professional environment.

3 Our V & M Vision To be the leading global HR service organisation; passionate about delighting customers through our talent innovation and delivery. MNC Consultant aims to be counted among top most respected companies into the field of Human Resource, Business Consulting and Corporate Event Management. We believe in partnering organizations to unleash human potential and being recognized at one go by corporate professionals without having the limitation of colour, race or boundaries.

4 Our V & M Mission To excel, lead, earn reputation and provide highly specialized quality transactional in the field of HR & Consulting services to clients across the globe and become an end to end services provider, providing operational efficiency along with quality delivery into the area of;  Human resource dexterity: We at MNC Consultant our mission is to do regular study, research and activity to develop the way which can lead to superior match for both; most matching and able professionals to corporate likewise most suitable and deserving role to professionals.  Corporate Event Management: To make each and every moment organized by us as much memorable which a human can rate as one of the best moment of life.  Business Consulting: To become top boutique of business counseling and management Alexander.

5 The MNC Strategy  Appraise Deadlines: Meeting deadlines is the benchmark of strategies at MNC Consultant. Operations should be completed on time to eliminate the possibility of revenues loss in businesses. Financial loss is a biggest de- motivator in a business process. Therefore meeting deadlines and delivering projects on or before time becomes quintessential at MNC Consultant. Monitoring individual performances on hour-to-hour, day-to-day basis ensures that we meet all deadlines.  Core Technology: A sound technology is the backbone of any business process. We ensure that our technical backup matches the best of the industry. Our Recruiters are amongst the best of the industry.  Work Culture: Harmonized and Rhythmic workforce defines the work culture at MNC Consultant. Productivity is best when co-workers have sublime faith and complete trust amongst each other. We planted and nourished this very culture at Team HR. This is the single most factors behind our long list of our happy clients.  Generating Effective Results: It is the result that matters most in the end and we take pride in declaring that we have generated 100% results in finding manpower or maintaining processes for our clients.

6 Our Value and Philosophy MNC Consultant has a clear commitment to treating clients, candidates and colleagues in a professional, honest and ethical manner at all time. Our internal code in respect to candidate and client confidentiality is absolute.  Trust: Our business has been built on the long-term relationships we have nurtured with both our corporate clients and candidates. We believe such relationships must be based on integrity, trust, and mutual respect.  Teamwork: We become a partner with our clients, working with you as a member of your management team to help you achieve your objectives in meeting clearly defined staffing needs.  Selectivity: In proposing candidates to clients, we believe in quality over quantity. We present only candidates that we truly believe can do the job. We have a personal interest in our candidates' career success as well as a solid commitment to meeting our clients' needs.  Discipline: We are extremely result-oriented. We approach our assignments in a disciplined manner that closely parallels the way our client companies create solutions to marketing problems.

7 Product and Services



10 Client Outreach

11 Advantage MNC Consultant We make N number of boost-up activities to shape the world of work for corporate and enhance the performance to achieve the Mission. MNC is…  For high quality services  All level recruitment support  Reduced response time  One partner for all recruitment needs  Growth capitalisation  Business Consulting and training support  For the right understanding New ventures Existing ventures  Effective information and automation system: zero level people dependency “We believe 80% job done by 20% effective people”

12 Reach Us Contact nos.: Tel: (+91) 11 - 65570065/66 Fax: (+91) 11 - 65570067 Mail: For HR Service: For Job Assistance: For Management Interaction: Website :

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