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Layers of the Atmosphere Notes

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1 Layers of the Atmosphere Notes

2 Scientists divide Earth’s atmosphere into four main layers classified according to changes in temperature. These layers are the troposphere, the stratosphere, the mesosphere, and the thermosphere.

3 Troposphere “tropo” means turning or changing
Layer where weather occurs, planes fly, and mountains are Most dense layer As altitude increases, temperature decreases

4 Troposphere Shallowest layer
Varies from 16km above the equator to less than 9km above the N & S poles Top of troposphere = -60 C/-76 F

5 Stratosphere “strato” means layer or spread out Contains the ozone layer Upper stratosphere is warmer than lower stratosphere Ozone layer absorbs sun’s energy, which is converted into heat, warming the air above it

6 Mesosphere “meso” means middle Outer mesosphere is -90 C/-130 F Layer that protects Earth’s surface from being hit by meteoroids

7 Thermosphere “thermo” means heat Very thin air: 0.001% as dense as the air at sea level Very hot: 1800 C/3272 F Thickest layer

8 Ionosphere “iono” means ions or charged particles Ions form in this layer Radio waves bounce off ions and back to Earth’s surface Northern lights occur in this layer – particles from sun strike atoms making them glow

9 Exosphere “exo” means outer Extends out for thousands of kilometers Space shuttles and satellites orbit here

10 Layers of the Atmosphere
BrainPop on Layers of the Atmosphere

11 Come up with a mnemonic device to help you remember the layers of the atmosphere.


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