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Clothing designs Unit Portfolio Presentation Patricia Bailey.

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1 Clothing designs Unit Portfolio Presentation Patricia Bailey

2 Unit Summary People need to be made aware that some fashion designs are not suitable for everyone, because we all have different body frame and skeletal structure. Students will be asked to go through the fashion catalogues, or mail order magazines and using the elements and principles of designs write a review. In order to become familiar with colors students will experiment with colors and make a color wheel, beginning with the primary colors, secondary colors and tertiary colors. Prepare an illustrated flip chart that explains the principle of designs, look through magazines, catalogues, and books to find garments that shows illusions then make a brochure.

3 Curriculum-Framing Questions Essential Question Clothes are clothes, so what does it matter what I wear? Unit Questions 1. Can people be convinced that certain fashion designs are not suitable for everyone? 2. Why do some businesses including restaurants, and schools insist on dress codes? 3. What can society do to make its youth conform to dressing more modesty? Content Questions How are body size and shape determine? How would you recognize the four clothing shapes? Is their a difference between structured lines and decorative lines? What effects are created by line’s direction.

4 Clothing Project This project will help my students develop 21 st century skills by: Collaborating with peers. Analyzing data about clothing and drawing conclusions to answer Unit Questions Solving problems and making decisions about their experiment. Communicating with others in a brochure and a flip chart.

5 Gauging Student Needs Assessment Purpose of the Assessment To gather information about what students already know and what they wonder about clothing and design. What I want to learn from my students? I want to find out what they already know about the Unit Questions and what they know about how to recognize basic clothing shapes. How I have tried to promote higher-order thinking? I ask students to find relationships and draw conclusions about structural lines and decorative lines in a garment. How the assessment information helps me and my students plan for upcoming activities in the unit? If students have misconceptions about how to do a brochure I can provide scaffolds. If students have different levels of understanding about the importance of the elements of design I can provide various resources. We will revisit this assessment throughout the unit for students to add their knowledge. What feedback or additional ideas I’d like? I would like help on my assessment. I think I need to elicit more higher- order thinking, but I’m not sure how.

6 Find ways to get my students more interested in learning about clothing. Learn about different kinds of technology my students and I can use in the unit. Share ideas with other teachers. My Goals for the Course

7 Goals for My Students To learn how evaluate the designs in clothing To learn how to select the appropriate clothing to suit their body type.

8 Request for Feedback Places I could find a classroom in a different climate for my students to work with Ideas for helping students take more responsibility for their own learning

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