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The GEF in Mexico Integrating GEF Programmes and Strategies at Country Level Cape Town, August, 2006.

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1 The GEF in Mexico Integrating GEF Programmes and Strategies at Country Level Cape Town, August, 2006

2 Contents 1.Background 2.National strategies and the GEF 3.Stakeholder consultation mechanisms 4.Consensus on GEF interventions 5.Priority needs and country programmes The GEF in Mexico

3 Focal points (SHCP SEMARNAT) Mexico’s National Coordination Committee (1999) was designed to review and support proposals for GEF - financing Committee, composed of diverse federal-level ministries (Environment, Agriculture, Energy, Foreign Relations); CONABIO, INE, the GEF political and technical focal points (Finance and Environment); the GEF implementing agencies and a NGO with experience in GEF In addition to promoting inter-agency cooperation, the Committee participates in reviewing GEF proposals 1. Background, GEF projects in Mexico

4 National Development Plan Environment and Natural Resources National Programme (2000 – 2006) Biodiversity: Priority-setting and policy instruments; Country studies and the National Biodiversity Strategy Key instrument, the National System of Protected Areas (SINAP), assisted through a GEF project National Foresty Programme (2000-2006, Long Term) Climate Change: Energy Programme (2000 – 2006) Third Communication on Climate Change National Strategy of Climate Change Action 2. National Strategies and the GEF

5 Achievements… Biodiversity Priorities: 1. Biodiversity Conservation; 2. Valuation of biological resources; 3. Increased knowledge on Mexican biodiversity and 4. Sustainable use of Mexico’s biological resources Sustainable agriculture and forestry, reduction / elimination of incentives for land-use change, of increased pressure on key fisheries, of negative environmental impact (via EIA), initiatives in consumption and production patterns Climate Change Priorities: Emissions reduction, alternative fuels, clean transport, legal and administrative framework Inter - ministerial Commission on Green House Emissions CDM in operation (Energy, Environment, Finances) EnvSAL (policy),, energy, forestry, water, sustainable tourism 2. National strategies and the GEF …

6 Legal framework: public right-to-know and evaluation of policy initiatives, through public fora like the National Consultative Council on Sustainable Development, the National Council on Protected Areas, National Committee for Climate Change The councils and committees participate in the making of the Biodiversity Action Plan, approval process of the National Biodiversity Strategy, the Third Communication of Climate Change and the National Strategy of Climate Action. The increase in the number of environmentalist NGOs has been very significant, and participate in protected area management, technical assistance programs and environmental education programs NGOs particularly well situated in cross-cutting projects 3. Stakeholder consultation mechanisms

7 Individual allocation: Biodiversity, belongs to the first individual allocation group, together with Brazil, China and Indonesia. Will receive 48,4 million dollars Climate Change, belongs to the second individual allocation group, together with Brazil, Poland and South Africa. Will receive 25,5 million US dollars 4. Consensus on GEF interventions: Mexico and the RAF

8 4. Consensus on GEF interventions: A Coordination Mechanism Ensuring optimal use of limited and scarce resources, meeting national strategies Assessing proposals, reviewing stakeholder roles and prevent non-desired practices (first comes…, portfolios dominated by agencies interests; fully-blend projects; interest conflicts) Reviewing and approval. Guidelines, criteria, and priorities for July 2006 - June 2010, including a methodology (overall performance of the project’s contribution to global benefit and GEF CP – including RAF and non-RAF projects) Project portfolio (approval and endorsement by focal points). Selection after more dialogue and consensus (Ad Hoc Groups analise priorities and consistence with national strategies, policies, plans and programmes in biodiversity and climate change)

9 The Mexico GEF programme is a comprehensive approach of a four-year in support of the country’s national objectives and the national’s commitments through the CDB and UNFCCC Mexico’s RAF selection is consistent with operational principles and satisfies all eligibility criteria, including more strict country criteria, country-drivenness, conformity with operational programs, incremental costs, and coordination with other activities GEF-funded activities will aim at highest and strategic priorities; improve co-ordination among agencies 5. GEF activities and country needs

10 Mexico’s GEF programme is consistent with the OECD Evaluation of Environmental Performance for Mexico and the NCSA recommendations The GEF Evaluation Unit visited Mexico to assess overall country project performance, relationship with the IAs, EAs, NGOs, and focal points… NCSA provided recent information on: legal framework, institutional capacity, program-level capacity and quality of human resources, Mexico’s public consultation issues, in-country flexibility, government-NGO partnerships, and monitoring and evaluation practices on GEF-financed activities 5. GEF Projects and country’s capacities

11 5. Priority needs and country programmes

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