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OCR Level 2 Cambridge Technicals in Business

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2 OCR Level 2 Cambridge Technicals in Business
Introduction to Unit 4: People in Organisations

3 Introduction Everyone who works for a company, no matter how large or small, will have a specific role to carry out. Their responsibilities will vary according to: Skills, qualifications and personal attributes Job tasks or activities Decision making opportunities Salary level and additional benefits

4 Organisational Structures
All organisations need structure to function effectively. Some examples of structures are: Used in small businesses, for example a branch manager and a team of staff. Flat Used to deliver projects, such as building a new housing estate. Matrix The most common type of structure, used in large businesses. Hierarchical

5 Functional areas Every organisation has a range of key functional areas. These can include: Human Resources Finance Sales Production/ Service Marketing

6 Why are job roles and functions important?
Jobs are often grouped into different organisational levels: Decides on policy and strategy for the company Undertake the day to day tasks in the business which may include: Responsible for looking after the interests of shareholders and stakeholders Directors Director Serving customers Workers Managers Decides where the business is going and how it is going to get there Laying bricks Supervisors/ Team Leaders Delivering parcels Responsible for the ultimate success of the business Preparing food Workers Administrative work

7 Find the right people In order to be a successful business, you need to recruit the right people. Here is the recruitment process: Analyse job requirement Produce job description Produce person specification Shortlist applicants Receive applications and CVs Advertise the job vacancy Conduct interviews Take references New member of staff starts

8 Find the right people Before someone applies for a job, they need to study the Job Description and Person Specification for the role. They need to ask themselves whether their skills and experience match the business’s requirements. Job Description Job Title Purpose of the job Responsibilities Reporting Structure Person Specification Experience Qualifications and Training Skills and Knowledge Personal Characteristics

9 What will you learn? After you complete this unit you will:
Be able to produce documentation for specific job roles Know about job roles and their functions in organisations Be able to prepare for employment and plan career development

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