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Write Now A Writing Themed QEP topic supported by the Writing Center.

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1 Write Now A Writing Themed QEP topic supported by the Writing Center

2 “Technological advances, changing workplace demands, and cultural shifts make writing more important than ever, especially because the way we write often predicts academic and/or job success, creates opportunities for civic participation, maintains relationships, and enhances critical thinking” (Writing Now, NCTE Policy Brief, 2008). Why a writing QEP?

3 In a recent focus group survey, Motlow students agreed that writing was “very” or “extremely” important to their success in college. However, some students surveyed felt underprepared for the types of writing they would be asked to do beyond their Composition I and II classes. Why is a writing QEP right for Motlow?

4 What other schools have already done similar QEPs? Aquinas College: Write REASON Elizabeth City State University: Writing New Paths to DiscoveryWriting New Paths to Discovery University of Mississippi: Improving Student Writing Shaw University: Adventures in Writing: I came, I WROTE, I conquered! Johnston Community College: On the Write Path Randolph Community College: Write Now! Piedmont Virginia Community College: Write Here, Write Now! Tennessee State University: WRITE Jackson State Community College: Write Away! *These schools created or significantly enhanced their Writing Centers as a part of their writing QEP

5 How can a writing QEP be assessed? Pre/post testing Writing portfolios graded by common rubric Student survey: CCSSE Faculty/Staff Survey Improvements in writing proficiency scores on the exit exam (ETS)

6 How will faculty engage with the QEP? Initially, many faculty members may cringe at the idea of grading stacks of papers. But a writing QEP does not mean a term paper in every class! Many classes outside the English Department already require essays. These existing assignments could be easily updated to work with a variety of writing QEP topics. Faculty will assign types of writing that are best suited to their courses; student writing could be exploratory or transactional, high- stakes or low-stakes. Faculty will be supported by the Writing Center.

7 How will students engage with the QEP? Our students are already writing in many of their classes! In a recent survey, students identified procrastination as one of the main issues getting in the way of successful writing. Creating a culture where drafting a revising are encouraged can help our students better tap into the abilities they already possess. Students will find support not only in their classrooms, but also in the Writing Center.

8 Role of the Writing Center Support for Faculty Faculty workshops Resources for creating excellent writing prompts A standard grading rubric template (that can be modified for individual disciplines) Tutors available for classroom visits and general or discipline- specific in-class workshops Support for Students Face-to-face and online tutoring appointments Regular workshops held in the Writing Center ETS prep sessions Embedded tutors in ENGL 0810 A service-learning opportunity for peer tutors

9 How will we engage with the QEP beyond the classroom? Because Motlow staff engage in many types of professional writing (from email to grant writing), a writing QEP is particularly well- suited to include all members of the Motlow community. The QEP can link up with things we are already doing. For example: resume writing workshops sponsored by Student Success and library orientation visits that focus on research skills. The Writing Center can organize and sponsor events that celebrate academic and non-academic writing. For example, an essay contest for all students enrolled in Composition I and a reading for National Poetry Month (April).

10 Thanks so much for reading! To learn more about existing Writing Center resources, go to:

11 Any Questions? Contact Jenna Caviezel at

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