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Engaging the First Year Student WEST TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

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1 Engaging the First Year Student WEST TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

2 Freshman Convocation 2005

3 Vision QEP exhibits the following characteristics:  Model of Excellence  Students, faculty, and staff partnerships  Application of theory to practice  Integrated view of knowledge  Interdisciplinary courses and projects  Classrooms extended beyond the “walls”  Students, faculty & staff involved in community Purpose

4 “Engaged pedagogy is really the only type of teaching that truly generates excitement in the classroom that enables students and professors to feel the joy of learning.” bell hooks

5 QEP Focus Engagement is a process of connecting first year students more fully, personally and holistically, to their education, to their preparation for careers and to their contributing lives as citizens. Definition

6 Building on our Strengths WTAMU: A Great University Small class sizes Affordable Friendly Strong academic programs (CIRP, 2005)

7 Who Are Our Students? A Focused Topic Of the 1,221 Fall 2005 freshman, 790 were beginning their first collegiate experience. The university has more than 50% first-generation college students. WTAMU lost 421 freshmen in 2004. WTAMU lost 454 freshmen in 2005.

8 Student Expectations of WT A Focused Topic Only 28.9% chose WTAMU because it had a good academic reputation. Only 35% of our first year students expected to be satisfied with WTAMU. Only 9% expected to develop relationships with professors. (According to CIRP Data) Place Picture Here

9 Academic Challenge Level of Student Engagement Significantly Below National Average:  Number of books read  Preparation for class  Synthesis and application  Emphasis on study time

10 Active and Collaborative Learning Level of Student Engagement Below National Average:  Contribute to class discussion  Made class presentation  Class community-based projects  Tutored or taught other students Place Picture Here

11 Student-Faculty Interaction Level of Student Engagement First year students do not get the same access to faculty:  Collaborate with faculty/staff  Discuss career plans  Prompt feedback from faculty  Discuss reading & class with faculty outside of class time

12 Enriching Educational Experiences Level of Student Engagement Significantly Below National Average:  Participate in co-curricular activities  Field experiences, internships  Community service  Racially and religiously diverse relationships Place Picture Here

13 Support Campus Environment Level of Student Engagement Below National Average:  Campus helps with non- academic responsibilities (work, family, etc.)  Support to ensure social success  Quality of relationships with students, faculty, staff, administration Place Picture Here

14 Where are our students experiencing failure and frustration? Level of Student Engagement  Our students do not easily connect to faculty, staff, or each other.  Our students, faculty, and staff do not effectively communicate value of the Core Curriculum.  Our students are not well prepared for the collegiate experience.  Our faculty and staff do not have systemic support for implementing engaging teaching strategies.

15 Goal I. Enhance Active & Collaborative Learning OBJECTIVES: Goals  Facilitate faculty development & improving classroom instruction in core courses.  Infuse service-learning and project based learning into the core curriculum.

16 Goal II. Enrich Educational Experiences OBJECTIVES: Goals  Create unique field experiences to develop first year student civic responsibility.  Augment cultural awareness on a global level for civic responsibility.

17 Goal III. Develop College Success Skills OBJECTIVES: Goals  Build successful learning skills.  Link problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

18 Goal IV. Cultivate Supportive Campus Relationships OBJECTIVES: Goals  Connect first year students to peers in the campus community.  Link faculty and staff to peers in the campus community.  Foster relationships between first year students, faculty, and staff.

19 Five-Year Plan 2006-2011  Core Curriculum Reform  Core Curriculum Fellows (Pilot ’05)  Readership WT (Pilot ’05)  Service-Learning Project “Citizen U.”  Smart Classrooms across Curriculum Initiatives

20 Five-Year Plan 2006-2011  Faculty Mentoring Program  WT TV Campus Channel  Student Learning Communities  Engaging Orientation Programs  Thematic Freshman Year Experience Course Initiatives

21 Measuring our Success Evaluation focus  Are QEP activities having a significant impact on student learning? Data Sources & Methods  Focus groups  CIRP (Cooperative Institutional Research Program)  HERI (Higher Education Research Institute)  NSSE (National Survey on Student Engagement)  CIEQ (Course/Instructor Evaluation Question)  CEA (Course Embedded Assessment)  Institutional Research data  YFCY (Your First College Year) Assessment

22 Institutional Support  Office of Quality Enhancement and First Year Experience  Center for Student Learning and Teaching Excellence (SLATE)  First Year Experience Coordinator Systemic Change

23 QEP Resource Allocation Plan 2006-2011 Program Improvement Plan Total New Initiatives 2006 2007 2008200920102011 Initiative Request 166,454 95,000167,200145,00092,00080,500

24 SACS Accreditation Team Visit Accreditation Visit  April 10-12, 2006  Focus will be on QEP  Visit with all campus partners  Inquire about knowledge of QEP focus and initiatives  Exit interview Wednesday, April 12, 2006

25 “ All of us in the academy... are called to renew our minds if we are to transform educational institutions – and society – so that the way we live, teach, and work can reflect our joy in cultural diversity, our passion for justice, and our love of freedom.” (bell hooks, 1994)

26 Review Reactions  Questions?  Reactions?  Ideas?

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