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Benignus Elementary Librarian

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1 Benignus Elementary Librarian
What is Cyber Bullying? Compiled by K. Hollier Benignus Elementary Librarian Klein ISD March 2009

2 Cyber Bullying can be… Lots of emails or texts you don’t want
Mean or hateful s or texts to you Mean messages about you on bulletin boards or blogs

3 Some people who cyber bully also do this…
Pretend they are other people online to trick someone Spread lies or rumors about others Trick people into giving out their personal information Post pictures of others without their permission

4 What can you DO about it? STOP, BLOCK, AND TELL!

5 STOP! Never retaliate! Take 5! to calm down.
Be strong and stop it early. Calmly and strongly tell the cyberbully to stop or you will take further action. Don’t give power to the bullies! They want to upset you and will know that they “won.”

6 BLOCK! Block the cyberbully if you are in a chat room or sending instant messages. IGNORE them! Only chat with those on your buddy list. Don’t open or read more messages from cyber bullies. Find some new friends. Don’t waste time trying to be friends with mean people.

7 TELL! Tell a trusted adult because you don’t have to face it alone!
Tell your parents, teacher, counselor, or librarian. Talk to your trusted adult—they might send the material that the cyberbully has posted to his or her parents and tell them to make it stop.

8 More you can do… Save and Print out the messages and keep them as evidence. Change your address or screen name. Never agree to meet the bully face to face. Don’t try to get back at them. This could make you part of the problem.

9 Even more to do… If the problem continues, notify the police or contact an attorney. They can be traced, located, and punished if the bullying becomes harrassment. Notify and file a complaint with the website , Internet Service Provider (ISP), or cell phone company.

10 How to avoid being cyber bullied…
Be kind to others and use netiquette. Don’t send tons of s. Avoid using ALL CAPS the entire time. Don’t send messages when you are angry. When something doesn’t seem right, get out of the site or turn off your computer or cell phone.

11 More ways to avoid being cyber bullied…
Avoid exchanging pictures or giving out ANY personal information to people you meet online. Never tell anyone your password, even friends. They can pretend to be you and bully others online.

12 If you see that someone is being cyberbullied:
Tell the cyberbully to stop. Help the person being cyberbullied. Help them tell a trusted adult.

13 Don’t Be a Cyberbully! It’s not “cool” – it’s cruel.

14 Online Resources iSafe website - National Crime Prevention Council STOP cyberbullying

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