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May 8, 2015 Tony D’Agostino Research Director, MOTT.

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1 May 8, 2015 Tony D’Agostino Research Director, MOTT

2  Economic Impact of Tourism on MA  Review of International and Overseas Travel to MA  Summary of Canadian visitation to Mid Atlantic states, New England states and MA  Focus on top Origin Provinces to Mid Atlantic states, New England state and MA

3  Expenditures….$18.5 BILLION Domestic $16 Billion, Int’l $2.5 Billion  Volume….25 Million Domestic 22.9 Million, Int’l 2.1 Million  Jobs Supported….129,400 with $3.9 Billion P/R  State & Local Tax Revenues….$1.2 Billion


5 Domestic Visitors Origin: Top States and Regions, 2013…… 23 MILLION TOTAL Person TripsShare of all Origin State to MassachusettsPerson Trips Massachusetts7,250,000 33.1% New York2,412,000 11.0% Connecticut2,211,500 10.1% New Hampshire1,541,500 7.0% Rhode Island618,000 2.8% All New England States 13,069,500 59.7% All Mid Atlantic States(NY,NJ,PA) 3,688,500 16.8% Source:TNS, Travels America

6  Int’l Travel to U.S. & MA is considered an Export !!!  Travel Industry falls within SERVICE SECTOR  TRAVEL is FASTEST-GROWING INDUSTRY within the FASTEST-GROWING SECTOR of U.S. Exports  Int’l travel to U.S. accounted for 10% of all U.S. exports and generated a $74 Billion trade surplus

7  Overseas visitor data come from in-flight survey and compiled by U.S. Dept. of Commerce  Canadian visitor data come from StatsCanada


9 Generating $29 in state & local taxes


11 N.J.



14 Ontario is basically Toronto and is analogous to NYC for domestic travel to MA

15 Only 20% of domestic visitors to MA came by AIR



18 Domestic visitors stay at friend or family just over 40% Paid Accommodations also just over 40%

19 Domestic visitors have higher % in 20-54 ages and lower % in 19 and under ages

20 Domestic overnights average just under 4 nights


22 Quarterlies from provinces not available!!

23 Growth of travel to U.S. from Canada slowing…to MA???

24  Canadian visitor profile similar to Domestic Visitor …Purpose and length of stay are different  MA competes with other New England and Mid Atlantic states  Economic Impact of Canadian visitor to MA fits in between Domestic and Overseas visitor  Current MA market share of top origin provinces is fairly small

25 Travel Spending in MA is a big business We must work it like playing a pinball machine

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