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Lorin MacDonald International Accessibility Summit July 13, 2014 ©L. MacDonald, 2014.

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1 Lorin MacDonald International Accessibility Summit July 13, 2014 ©L. MacDonald, 2014


3  Introduction  People with Disabilities and Baby Boomers  Tourism in Canada and Inclusive Tourism  The Demographic and Economic Impact  The Opportunity  The Parapan Am Games  Benefits of Inclusive Tourism

4  We cannot ignore the impact of increasing numbers of people with disabilities and baby boomers  The value of their spending power to the Canadian economy via inclusive tourism is a tremendous opportunity  The Parapan Am Games in Toronto next summer will be an excellent showcase for the benefits of inclusive tourism

5  3.8 million Canadians live with a disability; approximately 2 million are Ontarians  56.7 million Americans have a disability  Today, over 60 million people in North America are living with a disability

6 9.6 million Canadians 76.4 million Americans 86 million baby boomers in North America A rapidly growing number!

7 Canada’s mainstream tourism industry saw significant growth in 2011, contributing to the Canadian economy: $63.6 billion (domestic travellers) $15.1 billion (overseas travellers) $78.7 billion in tourism revenues

8  The ongoing endeavour to ensure tourist destinations, products and services are accessible to all people, regardless of their physical limitations, disabilities, or age  The goal is to include everyone by accommodating the broadest range of tourists possible without stigma or the need for special accommodation

9 “American adults with disabilities or reduced mobility currently spend an average of $13.6 billion a year on travel. Creating accessible cruise ships, accessible ship terminals, accessible ground transportation, and accessible tourist destinations is not charity. It is just good business.” Dr. Scott Rains a U.S. expert on disability issues Food for Thought...

10  Ontario government research states that 75 per cent of people with disabilities in Canada, the United States, and Europe are physically and financially able to travel  Our AODA legislation uniquely positions Ontario to benefit from this rapidly growing global demographic

11  The inclusive tourism market will be greatly affected by the retirement of the baby boomer generation that began on January 1, 2011 and will continue for the next 20 years  For the first time, inclusive tourism is being regarded as an economic market driven by the retirement of this sector

12  Between 2006 and 2016, the U.S. adult population will grow by 23 million - of that number, an astounding 22 million people will be over the age of 50!  Approximately 40 per cent of baby boomers in North America will be retiring with some form of a disability

13 3.4 million Canadians with disabilities $25 billion a year 54 million Americans with disabilities $220 billion a year 57.4 million North Americans with disabilities $245 billion a year!!!

14  By 2015 in the U.S., baby boomers will command 60 per cent of the wealth and 40 per cent of the spending power  In the travel sector, baby boomers will represent over 50 per cent of consumption

15  By embracing the principles of Inclusive Tourism, the business community will be uniquely positioned to shift the paradigm away from compliance toward adopting a strong and robust economic argument  By delivering increased value, businesses will gain a competitive advantage within the mainstream travel industry

16  The largest Parapan Am Games ever held will take place in Toronto from August 7-15, 2015  This will be the fifth edition of the Games and will feature 1,608 athletes from 28 countries competing in 15 sports

17  The tourism industry is a key economic driver  An opportunity to champion industry-led initiatives that enable tourists to identify attractions, accommodations, events, and facilities that are accessible to all  Ontario will continue to work with tourism partners to develop accessible tourism initiatives

18  Not just about legislative requirements or the right thing to do  More people will get to enjoy the opportunity to travel

19  The tourism industry will get more visitors, longer seasons, and new incomes  Society as a whole benefits from new job opportunities, more tax revenue, and an accessible environment for local communities and visitors

20  Increased tourism  New jobs  Increased tax revenue  More accessible communities Everybody wins!

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