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I have worked I haven’t worked Have I worked?.

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1 I have worked I haven’t worked Have I worked?

2 Present Perfect Positive +
I have worked = I’ve worked You have worked = you’ve worked We have worked = we’ve worked They have worked = they’ve worked he has worked = he’s worked she has worked = she’s worked it has worked = it’s worked

3 Present Perfect Negative-
I have not been = I haven’t been you have not been = you haven’t been we have not been = we haven’t been they have not been= they haven’t been He has not been = he hasn’t been She has not been = she hasn’t been It has not been = it hasn’t been

4 Present Perfect Question ?
have I been? have you been? have we been? have they been? has he been? has she been? has it been?

5 Present Perfect Negative -
I’ve never been you’ve never been we’ve never been they’ve never been he’s never been she’s never been it’s never been

6 Present Perfect Question?
have I ever been? have you ever been? have we ever been? have they ever been? has he ever been? has she ever been? has it ever been?

7 Present Perfect Positive + Question? Negative-
you’ve we’ve been they’ve I you Have we been? they we haven’t been You He’s She’ s been It’s he has she been? it She hasn’t been

8 We use the Present Perfect with:
Never Ever Just Yet

9 Past Simple or Present Perfect
1 We ________ the film ‘Titanic’ last year. (see) We ______________ the film ‘Titanic’. 2 He ________ to America in July. (go) He _____________ to America. 3 She _________ her homework after dinner. (do) She _________ her homework. saw have seen went has been did has done

10 Complete the sentences:
1 We ______ go on holiday in the summer. 2 He ______ to go on holiday in the summer. 3 I ______ going on holiday in the summer. 4 We are ________ on holiday in the summer. 5 We would like ___ go on holiday in July. 6 I _____ go with you because I’m working.

11 Complete the sentences
1 He ___ wearing a new suit today. 2 No, I ______ like coffee. 3 We went to London three weeks ____. 4 I’ve been in England ______ January. 5 He came to England two weeks _____. 6 We’ve just ____ dinner. (have) 7 We’ve just _______ dinner. (finish) 8 Yes, ____ course I’ll help you. 9 Would you like to come ____ me? 10 We walked ___ the shops.

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