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New Nuclear at Darlington Environmental Assessment Laurie Swami, Director of Licensing, Nuclear Generation Development October 28, 2008 New Nuclear at.

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1 New Nuclear at Darlington Environmental Assessment Laurie Swami, Director of Licensing, Nuclear Generation Development October 28, 2008 New Nuclear at Darlington Environmental Assessment Update to Pickering Community Advisory Council

2 1 Contents Tonights presentation will cover New Nuclear at Darlington: The Project Roles, Responsibilities, Milestones Environmental Assessment Project Assumptions & Layouts Project – Environment Interactions 1 Contents Environmental Assessment (contd) Cumulative Effects Significance Criteria Public Consultations What We Are Hearing Current Activities Pickering B EA Update

3 2 Describe the Project: Phases 2 The Project - Roles and Responsibilities The Project To construct and operate a new nuclear power plant at the existing Darlington site to meet the base-load electricity requirements of Ontario Ontario Power Generation (OPG) Is responsible for the federal approvals - an environmental assessment (EA) & site preparation licence The EA and licence application are for Up to four nuclear units Up to 4,800 MW of electrical capacity The EA must be completed before the site preparation licence can be issued A federally appointed joint review panel will review the EA and licence application OPG will be the operator for the new nuclear units at the Darlington site

4 3 Describe the Project: Phases 3 The Project - Roles and Responsibilities Infrastructure Ontario Leading a competitive process to select a nuclear reactor vendor to construct two units and potentially additional units Three internationally recognized vendors participating: Areva NP - US Evolutionary Pressurized Reactor (1600 MW) Atomic Energy of Canada Limited – ACR1000 Advanced CANDU Reactor (1200 MW) Westinghouse Electric Company – AP1000 nuclear power plant (1000 MW) End of 2008: Deadline for Phase 2 Submission 2009: Preferred Vendor Selected The Vendor will: Be responsible for construction, including hiring, purchasing, etc. Turn the reactors over to OPG when they are ready to begin operations

5 4 Upcoming Community Information Sessions OPG asked to begin federal approvals process for new nuclear Initial Site Preparation Licence – submitted Sept. 2006 Project Description – submitted April 2007 Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency/Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Determined that a Joint Review Panel will be established to review the documents Released for public review on September 4, 2008 Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Guidelines Draft Panel Agreement and Terms of Reference Comments due November 19, 2008 OPG Submits EIS and Site Preparation Licence Application, once guidelines are finalized Joint Review Panel Undertakes Public/Technical Review; Holds Public Hearing Issues Report to Federal Minister of the Environment 4 The Project – Roles and Responsibilities

6 5 Darlington New Build Project Description 5 Major/Indicative Milestones

7 6 6 Elements in the Environmental Assessment OPG has completed baseline data collection for most of the areas of study We are currently looking at project – environment interactions All of this will be documented in the environmental assessment

8 7 The Project – Principle Buildings & Structures

9 8 The Project - Conceptual Plant Layouts Conceptual layouts developed to provide for principle buildings and structures All provide for: Site access Switchyard Expansion Parking, Construction Facilities Soil Stockpiles, Lake fill, Land fill Used Fuel & Nuclear Waste Storage Layout 1: 4 reactors and once through lake water cooling

10 9 Conceptual Site Layouts Layout 2 has mechanical draft cooling towers and two reactor units Mechanical draft cooling towers Main heat transfer to atmosphere Structure minimally visible off-site Very large land area required Layout 3 has natural draft cooling towers and two reactor units Natural draft cooling towers Main heat transfer to atmosphere Structure highly visible off-site Large land area required

11 10 Project Description Bounding EA Timelines/Temporal Boundaries The dates shown are for EA study purposes. Actual start and in service dates have yet to be determined

12 11 Site Preparation Timeline: Approximately two years Workforce Up to 400 (100 on-site; 300 off-site) Activities Include: Mobilization Vegetation Removal/Earthmoving Soil/Rock Management up to 12 million cubic metres Infrastructure installation

13 12 Construction Timeline: Approximately six to eight years for two units Workforce: Up to 3,500 peak workforce for two units On-site parking Off-site parking may be used within five km of Darlington site, bus shuttles to transport workers Activities Include: Installation Reactor block, turbine generator, cooling system Construction Waste Management Marine/Road/Rail Considerations Concrete Supply

14 13 Operations Workforce & Procurement: Up to 1,400 per year for each set of two units Mid-Life Replacement or Refurbishment - peak workforce approx. 2,000 Procurement patterns similar to current Darlington Activities Include: Reactor Commissioning Safe plant operations Waste/Used Fuel transfer Mid-life major component replacement and/or refurbishment Timeline: Approximately 60 operating years for each set of reactors (2016-2100)

15 14 Project – Environment Interactions Matrix Component Potential Interaction Site Preparation ConstructionOperationDecom- missioning Aboriginal Interests * Aquatic Biota, Surface Water *** Atmosphere *** Geology, Hydrogeology, Seismicity **** Human Health *** Hydrology & Surface Water *** Land Use and Transportation ** Physical & Cultural Heritage * Radiation and Radioactivity ** Socio-economic Conditions **** Terrestrial **

16 15 Potential Environment Effects Atmospheric Environment Atmospheric Environment Air quality; noise Examples of Potential Effects During site preparation & construction phases: Off-site dust and vehicle exhaust emission Increased noise from traffic and equipment Dust and noise levels return to low levels during plant operation Localized fogging and icing from mechanical draft cooling towers (if used)

17 16 Potential Mitigation Measures Atmospheric Environment Potential Mitigation Measures Dust management plan for site preparation and construction phases, assumed to include: Watering for dust control Paved versus unpaved roads Different aggregate grades for road construction Slope stabilization (e.g. hydro seeding) Noise Ensure construction equipment is well maintained Proactive communication with community Vehicle operating restrictions Off-site dust / vehicle exhaust/ noise effects Routine monitoring and notification

18 17 Projects to Consider in Cumulative Effects Cumulative Effects Assessment 17

19 18 Cumulative Effects Assessment Projects 407 East Extension Region of Durham Energy from Waste Facility Development within Clarington Energy Park Oshawa Ethanol plant St. Marys Alternative Fuels Project Pickering Airport Refurbishment of existing Darlington Nuclear Generating Station Future 401 widening Studies and Plans Durham Region Water and Wastewater Master Servicing Strategy

20 19 Significance of Residual Environmental Effects Criteria typically include: Magnitude of effect Geographical extent of the effect Timing, duration, and frequency of the effect Degree to which effects are reversible or mitigable Ecological and social/cultural context Probability of occurrence Existing regulatory and industry standards are used as points of reference. Professional expertise and judgment are also applied.

21 20 Feedback Weve Received Community Information Sessions 600 visitors to date Most Important Environmental Features are: Drinking and lake water quality Atmospheric environment, air quality Human health considerations Nuclear emergency infrastructure and preparedness Transportation system safety and road traffic volumes & safety

22 21 Feedback Weve Received Community Kiosk: 500 visitors Benefits the project will bring to the area How to secure employment Importance/Value of the Kiosk Timing of Key Events When will construction, operations start? When will decisions be made? Community Events/Displays 5,000 visitors 50% of the comments: Nature of the EA studies, Strong project support 50% beyond OPGs responsibility: Vendor selection, Ontarios electricity system, etc.

23 22 Upcoming Community Information Sessions Community Information Sessions Round #4 Bowmanville Tuesday, October 21 Port Hope Wednesday, October 22 Oshawa Thursday, October 23 Newcastle Tuesday, October 28 Lindsay Wednesday, October 29 Orono Thursday, October 30 Courtice Tuesday, November 4 Ajax Thursday, November 6 We will be seeking comments/input on Mitigation measures to address potential effects of the project Cumulative effects between new nuclear and other community projects Criteria to assess significance of effects 22 Public Consultation Fall 2008

24 23 Contact Us 23 Pickering B Refurbishment & Continued Operations EA OPG Submitted the Pickering B Refurbishment and Continued Operations Environmental Assessment Study Report to the CNSC December 2007 Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) Released Draft Screening Report for Public Review - July 24 2008 Held two Public Information Sessions – July/August 2008 Public Comment Period Closed - September 4 2008 Released Notice of Public Hearing – October 7, 2008 Next Steps Public/Interveners to submit Notice of Participation to CNSC – November 10, 2008 CNSC Hearing – December 10, 2008, Ajax Convention Centre We encourage all to participate in the CNSC Review process

25 24 1-866-487-6006 Contact Us 24 Contact Us

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