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Managing Nuclear Power Stations for Success

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1 Managing Nuclear Power Stations for Success
Gregory Smith Senior Vice President Darlington Nuclear Station Ontario Power Generation to the Canadian Nuclear Society June 12, 2006 Toronto, Ontario

2 CONTENTS OPG Nuclear Performance Update Continuous Improvement Strategy Challenges Going Forward New Nuclear Wrap Up

3 OPG Nuclear: 2005 Highlights
Darlington -- best performing multi-unit nuclear station in Canada; 2nd consecutive year Four OPG nuclear units among 10 best performing CANDUS in 2005 Pickering A, Unit 1 returned to service Pickering A receives Five Year licence from CNSC Decision made not to return Pickering A, Units 2 & 3 to service New Mandate negotiated with Shareholder Pickering A and B Darlington

4 Our Mandate Targets Nuclear Improvement
OPG Mandate Our Mandate Targets Nuclear Improvement Operate with a commercial focus Improve performance -- emphasis on nuclear Benchmark against the best Expand generating capacity - hydroelectric

5 OPG’s Nuclear Performance is Improving
2003 37.6 76.4 8.4 0.91 81.5 111 2004 2005 Production (TWh) 42.3 45.0 Capability Factor (%) 80.4 83.8 Forced Loss Rate (%) 7.6 5.35 All Injury Rate (#/200,000 hrs worked) 1.25 1.06 Nuclear Performance Index 70.7 Event Free Day Resets 40 33

6 Decision not to Refurbish Pickering A, Units 2&3 was a Sound Business Decision
Consistent with our Mandate’s commercial focus Refurbishing Units 2 & 3 was technically feasible… …but commercially unjustified due to higher financial risk Units 2 & 3 were in poorer condition than Units 1 & 4 Enhanced OPG’s credibility Allows OPG to continue to improve performance at its 10 operating units Pickering A (foreground)

7 People are the Key to Achieving our Performance Goals
Nuclear energy is a people intensive business. Improve the performance of the people and you improve plant performance Pickering Darlington

8 OPG has made Significant Progress in Improving Human Performance
50 100 150 200 250 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 Event free-day resets are a key HP metric “Events” = human actions with negative consequences Fewer is better From 223 to 33 in four years – 84% reduction 223 153 111 40 33

9 OPG is Committed to Continuously Improving its Nuclear Operations
Maintain Focus on Excellent Safety Performance Put People First Improve human performance, leadership & productivity Attract highly qualified young people Improve material condition of the plant Reduce forced outages through improvements in equipment reliability Optimize planned outages Reduce maintenance backlogs Mitigate technological risks through comprehensive inspection & testing programs Ensure availability of parts and proactively address obsolescence Build Effective Leadership Behaviours

Each OPG Nuclear Station Has a Specific Performance-Improvement Strategy Pickering B Darlington “Navigator” Path to Excellence EACH STRATEGY IS COMMITTED TO IMPROVING Human Performance Station Reliability Leadership Behaviours

11 Darlington Maintain performance as Canada’s top performing multi-unit nuclear station through: improved human performance improved plant performance leadership behaviours Move to three-year outage cycle Outage Work at Darlington, Unit 3 Human Performance - Station Reliability - Leadership Behaviours

12 Pickering B Achieve and sustain 85% capacity factor and 5% forced loss rate by 2007 Complete inspection & maintenance of all fuel channels (SLAR) Move to 40 day outages Pickering B, Unit 8 Outage Human Performance - Station Reliability - Leadership Behaviours

13 Pickering A Continue to improve plant reliability through: improved equipment reliability preventive maintenance reduced backlogs Successfully manage safe-storage of Units 2 and 3 Feeder Tube Inspections at Pickering A Human Performance - Station Reliability - Leadership Behaviours

14 Challenges Going Forward
Feeders Supply Chain Life Extension Human Resources Pickering B, Unit 6 Planned Outage

15 Feeder Tubes Anticipate replacement in planned outages
Mitigation strategies: Inspections Advanced Stress Analysis Titanium Injection Weld Overlay Advanced Cut & Weld Tooling Management strategies: Advancing feeder replacements where beneficial Aligning business plans with most likely replacement schedule Three year outage cycle

16 Supply Chain Improve procurement engineering and purchasing
Improve materials planning and align with the outage and on-line work management processes Implement process improvements to better align procurement with the safety significance of components Maintain qualified supplier base for work programs

17 Pickering B (foreground)
Life Extension Maintain Community Confidence/“Licence to Operate” Complete Plant Condition Assessment for Pickering B in 2007 Begin Environmental Assessment process Undertake safety reviews required by CNSC Conceptual engineering for replacement of components such as: feeder tubes, fuel channels; steam generators Project plan and business case must be approved by OPG Board Pickering B life-extension decision needed by 2008 to give time for engineering, planning, procurement Pickering B (foreground) Darlington

18 Strengthening Human Resources…because
OPG needs highly qualified employees to support operations and nuclear life extension Workforce Demographics over 30% retirements at OPG nuclear in skilled trades and technical staff in next 5 years Life-extension/Refurbishment/New Build activity expected to increase in North America/worldwide Intense competition for qualified people is expected Pickering A, Unit 1, refurbishment

19 Strengthening Human Resources…through
Leadership Development WANO programs visits to high-performance plants rotations and secondments Leadership behaviours delivering on commitments acting with integrity Recruitment visible presence in the community, high-schools, colleges, universities Darlington Employees

20 New Nuclear? New Nuclear is not part of OPG’s mandate
OPG sites could be considered as possible sites for nuclear new build If shareholder asks, OPG would consider participating in new nuclear based on: our expertise in earning regulatory approvals; operating nuclear facilities. Bottom Line: “Performance Speaks for Itself” Performance excellence key to participating in new nuclear

21 Summary: OPG’s Approach to Managing Nuclear Assets
Build exceptional human performance Focus on understanding plant condition Implement preventative, not reactive, maintenance Move to shorter outages Enhance inventory/procurement management Plan ahead Learn from others

22 Managing Nuclear Power Stations for Success
Gregory Smith Senior Vice President Darlington Nuclear Station Ontario Power Generation to the Canadian Nuclear Society June 12, 2006 Toronto, Ontario

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