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August 27, 2008 Platform Market, Business & Strategy.

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1 August 27, 2008 Platform Market, Business & Strategy

2 PLATFORM COMPUTING - Confidential 9/10/2015 2 Platform Computing Recognized leader and pioneer in Grid computing and HPC –17 years solving the most challenging enterprise distributed computing problems –Global offices, resellers and partners –24x7 worldwide service, support, and consulting –Continual innovation in new product development & open standards –Close to 500 employees worldwide –Growing and profitable since its inception 2,000+ global customers in many vertical markets –Financial Services, Electronics, Aerospace, Automotive, Life Sciences, Oil & Gas, Government, Universities & Research, Telco, Business Intelligence

3 PLATFORM COMPUTING - Confidential 9/10/2015 3 IT Industry Trends Cloud Computing, Dynamic IT, Grid, On Demand, Organic IT, SaaS, Scalable Enterprise, SOA, SOI, Utility Computing, Virtualization, Web 2.0, … What: Agile, scalable, cost effective IT infrastructure for rapidly changing, highly competitive business How: Leverage commodity hardware, share IT resources, automate administration, deliver SLA

4 PLATFORM COMPUTING - Confidential 9/10/2015 4 Automation: Policy-based Orchestration Predictable, Transparent Flexible & Extensible Simple & Intuitive SLA configuration Resource-aware The Dynamic Data Center Physical & Virtual Server Environments Multi-vendor Hypervisor Support Cloud Integration Self-Service Portal Reporting, Chargeback, Planning Scalable, Reliable, Highly Available, Secure, Energy Efficient

5 PLATFORM COMPUTING - Confidential 9/10/2015 5 Physical Machine Provisioning Dynamic Package Management Monitoring, Events, Alerting Reporting, Analytics, Chargeback LSF, Symphony HPC Workload Acceleration Platform VMO Virtual Infrastructure Management Platform Manager Physical Infrastructure Management EGO: Orchestration Policy Engine SAS Accelerator BI Acceleration Virtual Machine Provisioning Cloud Provisioning Platform Solution Portfolio XenServer Hyper-V ESX Xen Enabling the Dynamic Data Center

6 PLATFORM COMPUTING - Confidential 9/10/2015 6 Citi – Corporate Shared Services FX derives Pricing & Hedging Converts Pricing & Hedging Credit Derivs, Pricing/Hedging Enterprise Mkt Risk Counterparty Credit Risk Acc’ting, Actuarial Analysis Fraud, Anti- Laundering CRM, Data Mining, Credit Scoring More & more apps from LOB silos Operational Risk Platform Symphony Platform LSF Platform EGO Platform EGO Platform Symphony Platform LSF Real-time Applications Long Running Applications

7 PLATFORM COMPUTING - Confidential 9/10/2015 7 Singapore National Cloud Platform VMO, Platform LSF Platform Symphony Platform EGO, Platform OCS 5 Singapore Computer Systems Supports Singapore's growth as Shared Services hub Frees enterprises from installing, maintaining hardware & applications locally Allows SaaS ISVs to incubate commercial services Accelerates adoption of SaaS & cloud computing in private & public sectors Software Development HR Department Finance Department Life Sciences research 2,400 cores, HP blades, 16 TB of storage Primary users – government agencies, commercial businesses Cloud infrastructure – Platform VMO CRM, financial, accounting, HR apps, secure online storage, & engineering workloads Government MinistryGovernment Agency

8 PLATFORM COMPUTING - Confidential 9/10/2015 8 Evolution of Grid Adoption Time Scope of sharing 1990 2015 Distributed Clusters Today Utility Grid / Cloud Virtualization of services Dynamic service provisioning On Demand, Utility SaaS, SOA Internet Data Centers Powered by xSPs Enterprise Grid / Internal Cloud Cluster-to-cluster sharing management Reliable file transfer & staging Enterprise

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