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© 2009 IBM Corporation Delivering Quality Service with IBM Service Management April 13 th, 2009.

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1 © 2009 IBM Corporation Delivering Quality Service with IBM Service Management April 13 th, 2009.

2 © 2008 IBM Corporation 2 The knowledge and capability to deliver a specified business outcome when it needs to occur, within the time and cost parameters you promised it would. The Service Management from IBM Delivering quality service and enabling business innovation

3 © 2008 IBM Corporation 3 Visibility: See your Business Control: Manage your Business Automation: Improve your Business Respond faster and make better decisions Manage risk and compliance Lower costs and build agility IBM Service Management Enabling quality service delivery and business innovation

4 © 2008 IBM Corporation 4 Addressing Client Needs Solving the critical business problems across the enterprise

5 © 2008 IBM Corporation 5 Tivoli’s Service Mgmt. Platform Enables Convergence Common Data Model & Asset Info. Integrated Dashboards & Reporting Common Workflow & Automation Integrated Service Management Visualization and Reporting: Optimize individual and group productivity Eliminate errors by sharing data across multiple teams Facilitate rapid decision making with at-a-glance service dashboards Lower cost of ownership through common platform Common Data Model: Improve support and delivery outcomes, increase quality and process effectiveness Enable high levels of effective automation based on accurate and up to date information Process Engine Reduce costs and optimize workflows Implement process/quality standards Leverage existing management tools and automation Support creation of operations run books.

6 © 2008 IBM Corporation 6 What is IBM Service Management? Delivers the ability to answer these three questions … How does this relate to the business service? What’s happening with the infrastructure? What actions do we take?

7 © 2008 IBM Corporation Expanding the scope of IBM Service Management IBM service management Operational management Service management platform Process management Best practices and services Connecting the asset to the service Managing it all! Aligning the service with the business

8 © 2008 IBM Corporation Business Application Mgmt Server, Network & Device Management Storage ManagementSecurity Management Products include: Tivoli Composite Application Manager Tivoli Business Systems Manager Tivoli Intelligent Orchestrator Tivoli Service Level Advisor Tivoli License Manager Tivoli License Compliance Manager for z/OS Tivoli Contract Compliance Manager Products include:  Tivoli Enterprise Console Tivoli Monitoring Tivoli OMEGAMON Tivoli NetView Tivoli Remote Control Tivoli Systems Automation Tivoli Workload Scheduler Tivoli Provisioning Manager Tivoli Configuration Manager Tivoli Decision Support for z/OS Products include: Tivoli Storage Manager Tivoli Continuous Data Protection for Files TotalStorage Productivity Center Products include: Tivoli Access Manager Tivoli Identity Manager Tivoli Federated Identity Manager Tivoli Directory Server Tivoli Directory Integrator Security Compliance Manager IT Operational Management Products IT Service Management Platform IT Process Management Products IBM IT Service Management Best Practices IT Operational Management Products Tivoli Product Portfolio Available TODAY! Integrated across silos through ITSM Platform and to IT Process Management Products

9 © 2008 IBM Corporation 9  For the sixth consecutive year, Gartner ranked IBM the worldwide leader in IT operations management software based on total software revenue (June 2007)  Tivoli’s service management portfolio delivers the Visibility, Control, and Automation needed to deliver quality service, manage risk and compliance and accelerate business growth.  22,000 Tivoli clients worldwide  2,000+ business partners  5,000+ Tivoli employees worldwide (includes 2,000+ sales and technical sales employees)  Sixteen strategic acquisitions to further broaden service management capabilities in the past five years Tivoli Software At-a-Glance

10 © 2008 IBM Corporation 10 Market Share Leader Systems Management  #1 in Performance & Availability – IDC  #1 in Event Automation – IDC  #1 in Performance Management Software- IDC  #1 in System Management- IDC  #1 in Server Provisioning- IDC  #2 in Mobile Device Management- IDC  #2 in Operating Systems and Subsystems- IDC  #2 in Distributed Performance & Availability Management- IDC Service Assurance and Network Management  #1 in Service Assurance- OSS Observer  #1 in Event Management- OSS Observer  #1 in Performance Management- OSS Observer  #1 in Worldwide Network Availability- IDC  #1 in Worldwide Telecom Assurance- IDC Storage  #1 in Archive and Hierarchical Storage Management- IDC Security  #1 in Identity and Access Management- IDC  #2 in Security and Vulnerability Management- IDC Recent Awards  April 2008 Tivoli Service Request Manager Named “Leader” in Forrester Wave for Service Desk Management Tools  2007 Plant Engineering Magazine Reader’s Award, Silver in Best Maintenance Software category  2006 VARBusiness Annual Report Card Award, Enterprise Storage Management S/W  2006 VARBusiness Tech Innovator Company of the Year, IBM Tivoli Continuous Data Protection for Files IBM is the Market Leader Gartner Magic Quadrant Leadership  SRM/SAN Management  Application Management  User Provisioning  Web Access Management  IT Event Correlation and Analysis  Enterprise Asset Management: Power Generating, Manufacturing and Distribution Utility

11 © 2008 IBM Corporation 11

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