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Exploration & Expansion Voyages of Discovery

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1 Exploration & Expansion Voyages of Discovery
Ms. James

2 Voyages to Discovery What caused the Age of Exploration?
Renaissance = spirit of discovery Search for wealth People want to find a faster way to India to get trade goods Advances in Technology Three G’s: Gold, God, & Glory

3 Routes to India Sail east around Africa
(New Idea) Sail west…Opps New World

4 New Technology Explorers needed to calculate their location with a…
Compass Astrolabe Developed by Muslim Empires

5 New Technology Cont… Explorers needed a ship that can hold large cargos and withstand heavy waves… Caravel- was a light, fast sailing ship Steered with rudder Triangular Sails Equipped with cannons

6 Portuguese Explorers Portugal’s Kings were patrons of the explorers…
King Henry the Navigator- ultimate goal was to find a water route around Africa to India. Portuguese Bartolomeu Dias (map on next slide) First European to attempt to sail around the southern tip of Africa “Cape of Good Hope”

7 Portuguese Explorers Cont…
Vasco de Gama First to make it to Clicut, India and back to Portugal!

8 Portuguese Explorers Cont…
Pedro Cabral Second trip to India! Sailed to Brazil and Indonesia! Lucrative trading posts

9 Spanish Explorers King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella helped finance certain voyages! Christopher Columbus (1492) Columbus sails west to get to India…inventive idea but flawed because the Americas are in the way! Sails to Caribbean Islands Finds “Indians” and he believes he found new route to India!

10 Columbus’ Route

11 Spanish Explorers Cont..
Amerigo Vespucci First to realize that Columbus found a “New World”, Americas named after him.

12 Spanish Explorers Cont…
Vasco Nunez de Balboa Tried to find passage at Isthmus of Panama. Spanish realize there’s another ocean to cross to get to India. First to reach Pacific Ocean from New World Panama Canal today!!!

13 Spanish Explorers Cont…
Ferdinand Magellan Sails west to sail AROUND WORLD! Circumnavigate- sail completely around the world. Left with 250 men, and returns with only 18 (Minus Magellan, he dies during voyage)

14 English Explorers English John Cabot, sailed to Canada

15 English Explorers Cont…
Sir Francis Drake, sailed to southern tip of South America and stopped over in modern day California. #2 to circumnavigate the world.

16 English Explorers Cont…
Henry Hudson Tried to find Northeast Passage, but found ice instead. Not the last time we’ll see Hudson. Henry sails for the Dutch as well.

17 French Explorers French Jacques Cartier (1534 – 1535)
Sailed into the St. Lawrence River in Canada “New France” or Newfoundland Fur Trade is very profitable.

18 Dutch Explorers Dutch Henry Hudson (Again, but for different country)
Explored Hudson Bay region, in search of Northwest Passage

19 Henry’s search for the Northeast Passage

20 Explorers find new ways to make new routes…
Can’t Go Over It. Can’t Go Under It. Can’t Go Around It. Got to Go Through It.

21 Making Contact! The beginning of conquest and colonies occurs when explorers get off their ships in search of riches and land to claim for country! Cortes (Aztec Empire) Pizarro (Inca Empire) REMEMBER 3 G’s: God, Gold, & Glory

22 That’s All Folks

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