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PUBLIC HEALTH. Public Health Vocab _________________: One who advocates or resorts to measures beyond the norm. ___________________(____): Those that.

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2 Public Health Vocab _________________: One who advocates or resorts to measures beyond the norm. ___________________(____): Those that can be bought without a doctor’s prescription ___________A group that is organized to achieve a purpose other than making money. ____________: Physical or mental exertion, especially when difficult or exhausting _____________: An epidemic of infectious disease that is spreading through human populations across a large region. _________: The act of requesting the return of a product to the retailer or manufacturer because of a defect or a safety problem. __________:Someone who speaks out for another person or cause.

3 WHAT IS PUBLIC HEALTH? Public health is the ___________ of protecting and ___________ the health of ____________ through ____________, promotion of healthy ______________, and research for _________ and ___________ prevention. Overall public health is concerned with ___________ the health of ___________ populations. These populations can be as ________ as a local _____________, or as big as an entire _____________.

4 LOCAL PUBLIC HEALTH DEPARTMENTS Local Health Departments- provides ___________ and __________ for: families, _______ and __________ abuse. _________ and ____________ for STD’s. ____________ education, __________ care, _____________, _________ health care for people who are confined to the house, ___________ for TB, high ________ pressure, cholesterol, and ______________.

5 STATE PUBLIC HEALTH State Health Departments- are responsible for services need to maintain public health within the state; _____________ food handling, testing __________, testing _______, testing _________ samples, compile health __________, plan for future health needs, monitor the environment, and monitoring ____________________. Virginia Public Health Association (VAPHA) Virginia Department of Health (VDH)

6 FEDERAL GOVERNMENT Department of Health and Human Services- sponsors health __________, __________, gathers and _________ health information, sets health and _________ standards, supports ________ and ________ departments, ______ programs for people in need of _______ services.

7 GOVERNMENT RESPONSIBILITIES ______________is under the International Government _________ Services is run by the __________ Government _____________ are done through the Local Government ___________ at the _________ falls under the National Government ______ smuggling is taken care of through the National Government ___________ falls under the National Government The international Government takes care of aid to ___________countries

8 NATIONAL PUBLIC HEALTH ORGANIZATIONS _________________________________________________  Collects data and conducts research on diseases ________________________________________________  Work full time for one year in a federal, state or private nonprofit agency __________________________________  Protects the public from environmental hazards  Sets standards for safe exposure ___________________________________  Inspecting and grading meat, poultry and other farm products  School lunch programs  Food stamps

9 NATIONAL PUBLIC HEALTH ORGANIZATIONS __________________________________________ Conducts research in all areas of human health __________________________________________ Identifies occupational hazards and enforces safety standard laws _________________________________ Inspects, tests and assesses the safety of food, drugs and other consumer goods _________________________________ Investigates and arrests suspected drug smuggling

10 NATIONAL PUBLIC HEALTH ORGANIZATIONS _____________________________________________  Promotes improvements in the practice of medicine, the organization and financing of health care, and access to quality care. __________________________________________________  Supports programs that prevent and treat mental illness and substance abuse __________________________________________________  Funds health services and resources for underserved populations such as migrant workers, people with AIDS and the homeless __________________________________________________  Investigates and assesses risks to human health from hazardous materials

11 INTERNATIONAL HEALTH AGENCIES _________________________________________ Seek to help boost food production and prevent diseases through education and immunization programs Collects worldwide health statistics to evaluate and predict health threats. ______________________________________________ __________________ Aids children through immunization programs, daycare and health centers, school food programs, and training for nurses and teachers ______________________________________________ Works to improve food production and distribution in developing countries

12 INDEPENDENT AND PRIVATELY FUNDED HEALTH ORGANIZATIONS ____________________________________________  Privately funded  Provides healthcare, food, water, and emergency assistance to refugees and disaster victims ____________________  Privately funded  Aids victims of disasters and war _________________________________________  Privately funded  Food relief programs in famine areas

13 INDEPENDENT AND PRIVATELY FUNDED HEALTH ORGANIZATIONS __________________________________________________  Provides support for developing countries  Distribution of food to countries in famine  Oral-rehydration (severe water loss due to diarrhea is the leading cause of death for children in developing countries) ___________________  U.S. Government organization  Trains volunteers for public health work in developing countries __________________________________________________  American Heart Association  American Cancer Society  March of Dimes  American Diabetes Association

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