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Infection Control for Medical Asepsis

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1 Infection Control for Medical Asepsis
Chapter 22 Infection Control for Medical Asepsis

2 Impact of Infectious Diseases
Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch Antibiotics and vaccines Edward Jenner Epidemiology

3 Impact of Infectious Diseases
Infection control and prevention Resistant microorganisms Bloodborne pathogen transmission Increased immunosuppressed populations

4 Impact of Infectious Diseases
Global access Effect infectious diseases have on lifestyles

5 The Process of Infection
Caused by pathogenic microorganisms capable of causing disease Normal flora Similar steps occur in all infectious diseases Apply theory of disease growth and transmission

6 Chain of Infection Infection Agents Viruses Bacteria Parasites

7 Chain of Infection Reservoir Portal of Exit Means of Transmission
Portal of Entry Susceptible Host Means of Transmission (discuss the Critical Thinking Box)

8 The Body’s Defense Mechanisms for Fighting Infection and Disease
Inflammatory response Steps to inflammatory process The immune system and immunity The body’s natural barriers Immunization

9 Stages of Infectious Diseases
Incubation stage Prodromal stage Acute stage Declining stage Convalescent stage

10 AIDS and Hepatitis B, C AIDS Acute viral hepatitis diseases
Symptoms of hepatitis B, C Transmission of HIV and HBV, HCV

11 Reporting Infectious Diseases

12 Standard Precautions Standard precautions
Transmission-based precautions Blood and body fluids Personal protective equipment (see Procedure 22-3 in the text) (discuss the Critical Thinking Box)

13 Standard Precautions Transmission-based precautions Needlesticks
Disposal of infectious wastes Education institutions and standard precautions

14 OSHA The Bloodborne Pathogen Standard
Blood and other potentially infectious material (OPIM) Bloodborne pathogens Exposure determination Plan to control exposure Methods of compliance to prevent exposure

15 OSHA Click Here to play the video

16 OSHA OSHA regulations and students
Avoiding exposure to bloodborne pathogens

17 Medical Asepsis Hand washing See procedures: 22-1, 22-2, 22-4, 22-5

18 Medical Asepsis Sanitization >> Disinfection

19 Removing Contaminated Gloves

20 Bioterrorism Agents Transmission Vaccine availability and treatment

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