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Department of Transport 24 - 25 October 2007 Women in Transport Seminar Consolidated Action Plan Report.

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1 Department of Transport 24 - 25 October 2007 Women in Transport Seminar Consolidated Action Plan Report

2 Introduction The Consolidated Action Plan provides a summary of the three commission’s report backs It outlines a programme of action for the SANWIT Executive Committee into 8 focus areas 2

3 Consolidated Action Plan - Priorities……..1 Establish & Grow SANWIT Inspire and encourage other women (especially rural women) to join the transport sector and SANWIT – work with provincial and local spheres - Outreach Organise and coordinate women – to avoid fragmentation Establish provincial Chapters with DoT’s financial support Facilitate win win partnerships with Government and Private sector to mainstream women in the transport sector Coordinate regional and international cooperation – to explore opportunities beyond borders 3

4 Consolidated Action Plan - Priorities……..2 Information sharing “Good practices” of successful business models Facilitate engagements between industry role- players and SANWIT Facilitate sub-sectoral workshops to unpack available opportunities in cross-cutting areas such as Transport health, safety and security, ICT in transport, research, etc Resource mobilisation Invite industry experts/organization to share on: Access to funding Capacity building Jointly mobilise start up resources with Government 4

5 Consolidated Action Plan - Priorities…..3 Capacity Building and Training Conduct an Audit of needs Facilitate Mentorship and Coaching programmes Facilitate Training specifically in: Drafting of business plans, securing finance, filling in tender forms, etc Carry out awareness campaigns targeting school going girls to attract them into the transport sector Facilitate training opportunities in transport engineering fields Intensify training for women – aligned with TETA/SETA’s training initiatives Partner with Government and multinationals (e,g maritime sector) to transfer technical skills to women 5

6 Consolidated Action Plan – Priorities….4 Facilitate access to opportunities within the Transport sector Flagship programmes/projects Engage further with provinces and cities on opportunities within flagship projects Facilitate workshops on how to access empowerment opportunities within Government’s infrastructure programmes Link up with DoT, Tourism and WC 2010 LOC to further outline opportunities Carry out focused engagements on scholar transport and non-motorised transport Create a platform for further & ongoing discussions with DoT 6

7 Consolidated Action Plan - Priorities…..5 Develop a monitoring and evaluation framework Monitor current priorities as per Action Plan Monitor implementation and progress Ensure sustainability of opportunities identified Promote an enabling environment Facilitate Funding - dedicated funding mechanisms Establish a mechanism for accessing empowerment opportunities e.g. buying shares in established transport entities, etc Set up a single point of reference within DoT – to assist – e.g help desk Develop a Database Development of a database of all attendees 7

8 Consolidated Action Plan SANWIT Structure..…..1 Adoption of the SANWIT structure as depicted in the business plan. SANWIT interim Executive Committee to facilitate the establishment of SANWIT and provincial chapters Provincial chapters to reflect the dynamics of each province/municipalities Draw lessons from other sectors - e.g. SAWIMEA (DME) Proposed Programmes: Resource mobilisation, Capacity Building, Communication and Marketing, ICT and Research SANWIT must be financially self sufficient in the long term - explore options where there is no Governmental funding 8

9 End… Thank You 9

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