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SATs Parent Meeting Monday 23 rd Match 2015. KS2 SATs Week Pros? Cons? 2.

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1 SATs Parent Meeting Monday 23 rd Match 2015

2 KS2 SATs Week Pros? Cons? 2

3 SATs Week 2015 Monday 11 th May – Thursday 14 th May Please ensure you keep that week free ! We will be having a ‘SATs Breakfast’ starting at 8.30am. This is to ensure children are relaxed, happy and fed before the day starts! Pupils who are ill on the day of a KS2 SATs test will be able to sit it within a week. 3

4 SATs Week Timetable All children will sit the Levels 3-5 tests. You will have been told at Parents Evening whether your child is sitting any Level 6 tests 4

5 SATs Tests Explained All Year 6 children are required to take externally-set assessments in English and maths. Children sit the following tests: Year 6 English SATs English grammar, punctuation and spelling: Paper 1 comprises of short-answer questions covering grammar, punctuation and vocabulary (45 minutes); Paper 2 is a spelling test with 20 questions, (15 minutes). This replaces the old writing paper, with writing now being tested purely through teacher assessment. 5

6 SATs Tests Explained English reading: One paper based on reading comprehension of three texts, with a total of 35 to 40 questions of increasing difficulty (60 mins) Year 6 Maths SATs Mathematics : Papers 1 and 2, each lasting 45 minutes. Calculators are not permitted for any test. Paper 3 is a 20-minute mental maths test. 6

7 Teacher Assessment Other subjects, including English writing, speaking and listening, are assessed by teachers rather than by children taking a formal written test. This assessment data is then submitted to the Department for Education, and is subject to moderation. Children’s progress, as well as their achievement, will be measured and reported on in school performance tables. You will be told your child's national curriculum levels in July 2015. Teacher assessments are passed on to secondary schools so they can be used in planning for Year 7 teaching. Maths, grammar and reading tests are marked externally. 7

8 Revision/Homework/Boosters Homework: Monday: SPAG (2 question pages) Tuesday: Maths (2 question pages) Wednesday: English (2 question pages) Thursday: Comprehension (1 comprehension) Friday: Ongoing weekly spellings/mental maths They can work from either book if they have more than one of each. They are welcome to do more if they wish. Encourage them to go back and re-do sections where they make multiple mistakes in the next homework slot, rather than attempting something else first. That is where the learning will happen! Booster Classes will be starting this week for some children. 8

9 Common Mistakes in SATs Rushing to start & rushing to finish. Not reading questions carefully. Forgetting to show workings (in maths). Time management. Knowing how much to write. Spending too long on one question. 9

10 How can you help? Timed homework/revision sessions Check understanding before/after (review/editing time is important) Encourage them to underline key words/instructions Don’t let them rub things out ; they should be able to talk through their process and explain their mistakes Encourage them to give opinions with multiple reasons –School was rubbish today because... –I like Miss McLoughlin’s shoes because … 10

11 How can you help? Build confidence and practise weaker areas (e.g. written methods of calculation, times tables, skim reading, fact finding etc) Real-life maths skills : Time – what time is it? How long until…? How long since? Money – how much? How much more? How much change? Regular reading and (more importantly) discussion about texts. ‘Grammatically correct’ speech correction… 11

12 12

13 SATs 2016 There will be further changes affecting children from next year (i.e. if your child is currently in Year 1 or Year 5) To find out further information please visit 13

14 Any questions?

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