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Welcome to Y6.

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1 Welcome to Y6

2 KS2 Standard Assessment Tasks
Parent and Carer Meeting 4th, November, 2014 Whitley Abbey Primary School

3 What are SATs? SATs stands for Standard Assessment Tasks. These are national tasks set by the government. All Year 6 children are required to take externally-set assessments in English and Maths. The standard papers cover levels 3-5, with level 4 being the expected national average at the end of primary school.

4 Children who start Year 6 in September 2014 will be the last to take Key Stage 2 SATs in their current form, before they are overhauled for summer 2016. These SATs have already undergone some changes, with the aim of making them fairer for all children. It also highlighted the value of teacher assessment

5 What subjects do the SATs cover?
Your child will be tested in English and Maths. In English there is a Reading plus a Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation test which we call SPaG or properly called GaPS. Writing is assessed and levelled by the class teacher In Maths there is a Mental arithmetic test and new for this year, two non calculator papers There is no Science test this year.

6 When and how do the SATs take place?
SATs week is Week Commencing 11/5/15. Please avoid any holidays or appointments at this time. Your child should be in school promptly for this time, unless, of course, they are ill. We aim to make the SATs as non threatening as possible. Tests take place in the classroom or in smaller groups in TA rooms. Readers are available for maths and SPAG papers. Children have breakfast at school which proves very popular!. .

7 Timetable Monday 11 May Levels 3-5 English reading
Level 6 English reading in the afternoon Tuesday 12 May Levels 3-5 English grammar, punctuation and spelling Level 6 English grammar, punctuation and spelling in the afternoon Wednesday 13 May Levels 3-5 mental mathematic and Levels 3-5 mathematics Paper 1 Thursday 14 May Levels 3-5 mathematics Paper 2 Level 6 mathematics Paper 1 and Level 6 mathematics Paper 2

8 Maths Test each 45 mins Papers 1 and 2 both are non calculator this year. The children are tested in all aspects of Maths. They are allowed to use tracing paper, mirrors and protractors. All learning aids around the classrooms are covered. Have a look at some of the papers at the end of the session Mental Maths Test- children answer a series of questions mentally with set time limits of 5, 10 and 15 seconds. Let’s try the 5 and 10 second questions!

9 Reading Test 1 hour The Reading Test is a test of reading comprehension. This year there will be one paper of three to four texts, with a total of 35 to 40 questions which increase in difficulty as the test progresses.

10 Writing Test Writing is assessed by the teacher!
A range of writing will be assessed by me throughout the year. The LA will monitor a selection of schools to ensure standards are being met.

11 Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation.
This was introduced for the first time last year. Children answer a range of questions testing their grammar and punctuation skills. Time for you to have a go! The spelling test involves spelling the missing word in a series of 20 questions.

12 Level 6 High achieving children will be entered for the Level 6 tests in the same subjects. These take place in the afternoons of SATs week. If they don’t pass they will be awarded the mark from the Level 3-5 paper.

13 Don’t Panic! Whilst SATs are statutory, I have and will be assessing your child’s progress throughout the year. This means that the scores that your child achieves in the SATs are just one part of the assessment process. Your child’s end of year levels are just part of the transfer to Year 7.

14 What do the SATS results mean?
The SATs results give a ‘level’ for your child. Level 4 is what each child is expected to achieve at the end of Primary School.

15 Finally… Children find the testing period quite tiring (and testing!) so lots of sleep! There are plenty of revision guides and web sites available. I will send details after Christmas of guides available from school at a substantial discount. We’d like to encourage you to spend some time doing a few fun things together with your child when the SATs are taking place. We want the children to be rested and happy when they come to school!

16 Any Questions? There are a range of SATs papers and questions around the room for you to read. We hope this will give you an idea of what the SATs involve although there are some differences this year. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me at any time during Year 6. Thank you for coming!

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