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Assessment Tools and Outcome Measures:

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1 Assessment Tools and Outcome Measures:
Evidence-based Pearls for Rehabilitation Practice William Poluha & Emily Etcheverry University of Manitoba Canadian Health Libraries Association/ Association des bibliothèques de la santé du Canada Conference 2006 Vancouver, BC May 15, 2006

2 Scenario #1



5 Google Search Barthel Index online

6 Scenario #2




10 Outline Background Therapist Practice Issues Collection Evaluation
Building Accessing Using Evaluation

11 School of Medical Rehabilitation
Faculty liaison Curriculum integrated information literacy Emphasis on evidence-based practice Student/Faculty requests for tools Assessment Tool Collection Needed

12 Therapist Practice Issues
Evidence-based practice Assessment tools needed for patient baselines and outcomes (Unsworth, 2000; Law, Baum & Dunn, 2005) Need for tools in rehabilitation has increased over last 10 years (Finch, et al, 2002)

13 Therapist Practice Issues
Barriers to using tools identified by therapists: (Kay, Myers & Huijbregts, 2001; Pollock et al., 2000; von Zweck, 1999) Lack of knowledge about tools Difficulty finding a suitable tool Limited access to tools to determine suitability Limited access to tools for “hands-on” demos Lack of time Could really use an assessment tool collection!

14 Your Library

15 We’re getting that assessment tool collection!
Funding Increased enrollment in School of Medical Rehabilitation (SMR) Council of Post Secondary Education (Manitoba) SMR submission included library funding $5,000.00/year allocated for building the collection Community Therapy Services support We’re getting that assessment tool collection! Per student funding, indirect cost of research funding CTS mutual benefit of SMR and therapists in the community $10k for smr

16 The Collection 50 “toolkits” and growing
Assessments for Rehabilitation Occupational Therapy Physical Therapy Original assessment tools/instruments Manuals/books on development and use



19 Building the Collection
Reviews Consultations Vendor Agreements

20 Building the Collection
Reviews Books on measuring health Annotated lists of tools and outcome measures Journal literature for tools on specific outcomes or disorders Websites that index and annotate tools Vendor websites

21 Building the Collection
Consultations Faculty: list of tools used in teaching and research Practicing therapists: Tools they use with clients Tools to evaluate prior to purchase Students: Research Methods course Thesis research Independent Study Clinical/fieldwork setting Students have projects during fieldwork placements

22 Building the Collection
Vendor Agreements PhD or equivalent registrant to acquire some tools Copyright protection For education and reference use only Not for use with clients in clinical or research settings Secured storage


24 Preparing Tools for Circulation
Toolkits packaged in media bags Inventory of components (numbered) NLM call numbers with “ATOOLS” location Copyright labels Catalogued





29 Using the Collection Loan policy tries to balance vendor requirements with client needs Unavailable for document delivery Signed loan agreement Condition / inventory report (loan out / return) Copyright Education or reference use Not for use with clients in clinical or research settings

30 Using the Collection In-library use Non-affiliated therapists
UM affiliates Winnipeg Regional Health Authority employees Non-affiliated therapists In-library use only Proof of professional credentials Driver’s license in lieu of library card

31 Using the Collection Outside use for SMR faculty / students only:
Faculty: up to one week Students: up to 24 hrs. with faculty co-signing





36 Accessing the Collection
Library Catalogue Website

37 Accessing the Collection
Library Catalogue NLM Medical Subject Headings Additional index terms Assessment, Tools, Outcomes, Measures, Instruments Entire collection retrieved: Two or more index terms keyword searched Limit to Health Sciences Library

38 Accessing the Collection
Library Catalogue Enhanced record Tool summary Equipment list Link to tool record on website Conditions of use Tool acronym searchable


40 Accessing the Collection
Website Facilitates access to: Tool collection Resources on tools

41 Accessing the Collection
Website components Introduction to the collection Use policy Annotated tool index Searching for tools (tips) Resources on tools (print & electronic) Recommend a tool Survey (feedback on using website)






47 Evaluation Toolkit Survey (preliminary) Sample n= 16
Primary role (faculty, student, therapist/professional) 1 faculty 1 therapist 14 students Professional affiliation (OT, PT, nurse, etc.) 16 Occupational Therapist


49 Toolkit Evaluation Comments:
“Excellent concept for a collection” (student) “Appreciate having this access” (therapist) “It would be helpful to take out of library” (student) “…signing it out on a longer term basis” (faculty) “…know whether scoring sheets can actually be used…” (faculty)

50 Future Evaluations Client Circulation staff Website survey
Poster presentation survey at Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists Conference Circulation staff

51 Future Development Website Search for a tool by outcome

52 Acknowledgements Ada Ducas, Head, Health Sciences Libraries
Carol Cooke, Librarian & Web Goddess Pam Green, Cataloguer Lucilla Leung, Circulation Supervisor Neil John Maclean Health Sciences Library Staff Faculty and Students, School of Medical Rehabilitation

53 Medical Rehabilitation Assessment Tool Website

54 References Finch, E., Brooks, D., Stratford, P.W. & Mayo, N. (2002). Physical rehabilitation outcome measures: A guide to enhanced clinical decision making (2nd ed.). Hamilton, Ontario: BC Decker. Kay, T.M., Myers, A.M., & Huijbregts, M.P.J. (2001). How far have we come since 1992? A comparative survey of physiotherapists’ use of outcome measures. Physiotherapy Canada, 54(4), , 281. Law, M.C., Baum, C.M. & Dunn, W. (2005). Measuring Occupational Performance: Supporting best practice in occupational therapy (2nd ed.). Thorofare, NJ: Slack. Pollock, A.S., Legg, L., Langhorne, P. & Sellars, C. (2000). Barriers to achieving evidence-based stroke rehabilitation. Clinical Rehabilitation, 14(6), Unsworth, C. (2000). Measuring the outcome of occupational therapy: Tools and resources. Australian Occupational Therapy Journal, 47(4), von Zweck, C. (1999). The promotion of evidence-based occupational therapy practice in Canada. Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy, 66(5),

55 The Price is Right!

56 The Price Is: $13,583.54

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