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JISC Conference 2004 Promoting E-Resources Clare Holmes Head of Sales, UK & Ireland.

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1 JISC Conference 2004 Promoting E-Resources Clare Holmes Head of Sales, UK & Ireland

2 2 E-Resources - Value for money? No, if: –Access is not made available widely –People are protective over them –They are not understood Yes, if: –People know they are available –Their potential uses are understood and exploited –They are adequately promoted –Training is given

3 3 Gale and JISC InfoTrac OneFile +9200 indexed titles +5100 full text titles Over 3200 with images Over 38 million records Backfile from 1980 Multi-disciplinary Newspapers Choice of: Broadsheets Tabloids Regional International Times Digital Archive 200 years, fully searchable

4 4 Enhancing Potential Use of E-Resources – An Example InfoTrac Onefile and Custom Newspapers Unlimited users On-site access & remote access Vast range of information Daily updates Easy to use InfoTrac interface 5 search options Unlimited retrievals Usage statistics InfoMarks/linking capabilities

5 5 Enhancing Potential Use of E-Resources What are they? Ability to bookmark or copy & paste InfoTrac search result URLs. Link results into Email, Word or your own web applications and VLEs INFOMARKS: Technology that facilitates your research Highlight the URL at the top of the page when you see the icon, and copy/paste into another application

6 6 Articles: Link to specific articles Marked Lists: Instant course materials Lists of search results: Search is executed afresh each time Displays ALL results Expand or narrow search Journal titles: Link to specific journals Reading rooms OPAC VLE Link to…

7 7 Make a search in InfoTrac

8 8 Copy URL

9 9 Create the link!

10 10 Embed InfoMarks into a VLE

11 11 View Now Email Sign up Monthly Usage Reports *New* COUNTER Usage Reports

12 12 What are your key databases and titles? Title lists by subject, full text, refereed What are the course specifications? Guided learning for students: Use all searches Link to journal title, volume, issue, article Mark Lists Prepare searches / Reading Lists Where to start

13 13 OneFile/Title lists Download an Excel spreadsheet Keep a copy available Useful for library/teaching staff Title Lists by subject

14 14 Use fact help/tip sheets Take induction sessions for students Use the suppliers presentation for training Use posters to promote resources Use title lists by subject Raise awareness

15 15 Give all staff & students the URLs of the best resources Create links/shortcuts on PCs, website and intranet No. of Access points? Teaching staff - promote resources in lessons & offer guided learning College or learning resources newsletter ? Promote resources with a product overview and web address **Look at the JISC case studies** Use The Resources

16 16 Create reading lists / topic pages Create electronic journal lists on a website / intranet Take advantage of off-site access Are students aware that they can access at home? Look at usage statistics! Make Resources Easy to Access

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