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DECEMBER 25 МКОУ СОШ №4 с. Малые Ягуры Учитель: Воля М.А.

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2 DECEMBER 25 МКОУ СОШ №4 с. Малые Ягуры Учитель: Воля М.А.






8 Santa Claus

9 Santa’s reindeer Rudo lph

10 Christmas stockings


12 I would like to have…




16 Holly (Остролист) Mistletoe (Омела)


18 Carols

19 1843 Sir Henry Cole Christmas cards

20 Cookies for Santa Печенья для Санты

21 Christmas Wreaths (Рождественский венок)

22 Christmas Dinner

23 The 25 th of December is a)Christmas day b)New Year day c)Boxing day

24 On Christmas people put their presents under the … a) Bed b) table c) Christmas tree

25 Santa Clause puts his presents … a) under the New Year’s tree b) in bags c) in children’s stockings

26 For Christmas dinner the English eat … a)pizza b)apples c)turkey

27 Santa Claus Santa Claus Christmas tree Christmas tree Reindeer Reindeer Carol Carol Christmas card Christmas card Christmas stocking Christmas stocking Presents Presents Angel Angel Fireplace Fireplace MATCH THE WORDS WITH THE PICTURES

28 It’s a holiday. It’s celebrated on the 25th of December. Christmas It is an old man. He lives in the North Pole. He puts presents into the stockings. It is decorated with lights and ornaments and tinsels. It’s very beautiful. You can see it in every house. Santa Claus puts presents in it. What is the name of Christmas song? Carol RIDDLES( загад ки )

29 They are animals. They help Santa Claus. Children like them very much. They find them into the stockings. He’s got a red nose. It helps him to light and find the way. It’s a traditional food. People cook it for Christmas dinner. RIDDLES

30 Find the words hultreegrty sdangeltr justockinglity sholidaybtrep relcardgn angel tree holiday stocking card

31 We Wish You a Merry Christmas We wish you a merry Christmas And a Happy New Year

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