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1 Sound

2 What does sound travel through?

3 Solids, Liquids, and Gases

4 What does sound not travel through?

5 Vacuum

6 What causes sound?

7 Vibrations

8 What does one complete wavelength look like?


10 What does a wave with a low pitch look like?


12 What does a wave with a high pitch look like?


14 What is the top of a wavelength called?

15 Crest

16 What is the bottom of a wavelength called?

17 Trough

18 How do we measure wavelengths?

19 From Crest to Crest

20 Why does sound travel faster along a metal fence than a swimming pool?

21 The molecules are closer together in a solid

22 How is the sound you hear underwater different from the sound you hear in air?

23 The sound underwater travels faster than in the air

24 What is the number of times a sound vibrates in one second called?

25 Frequency

26 What is the highness or lowness of a sound called?

27 Pitch

28 What is the relationship between pitch and frequency?

29 The greater the frequency, the higher the pitch

30 What pitch do shorter strings produce?

31 High (they vibrate faster)

32 What pitch do longer strings produce?

33 Low (they vibrate slower)

34 What do animals use to help detect objects?

35 Echolocation

36 Why can’t people hear some sounds that animals can?

37 The pitch is either too high or too low

38 What device is used to detect objects moving through air or space?

39 Radar

40 What type of device is used to locate objects moving underwater?

41 Sonar

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