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NEW COLLEGE FACULTY Professional Development: a blended learning model

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1 NEW COLLEGE FACULTY Professional Development: a blended learning model
Li-Lee Tunceren Lead Faculty Associate, Center of Excellence for Teaching and Learning St. Petersburg College, FLA


3 Center of Excellence for Teaching and Learning, Est. Jan, 2011
Board of Directors: 11 faculty members 2-3 year terms 1 Lead Faculty Associate 2-year term 6 Faculty Associates: campus-based 1-2 year terms

4 CETL Goals
Develop and support a standard of excellence for college- wide pedagogical competencies. Facilitate sharing and enhancing best practices Serve as an incubator for innovative teaching and learning strategies Encourage faculty to continually strive for excellence in the teaching, learning and assessment process. Tie teaching performance to annual evaluation Digest and disseminate cutting edge research and practical applications Provide mentoring resources and opportunities for all faculty Serve as the first-stop for teaching and learning resources (e.g. books, e-resources) Create online adjunct faculty survival guide Create CETL resource guide/packets Collaborate with other departments to identify and collect resources

5 What do our new faculty need?
Teaching Competence & Confidence Institutional Orientation / Expectations Classroom and Online Teaching Expertise Goals for Professional Growth Paths/Support to Meet and Assess Goals Collegial Environment Models and Mentors Resources and Training Communication stream / Information

Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge Institution Mishra & Koehler, 2006 2007 Campus Program Personnel Policies Procedures

7 Pre-service, Summer 2011 Develop relationships
View other faculty “at work” CETL mini-grant presentations Peer observations within discipline Demo courses in ANGEL (LMS) Establish mentoring partnership Complete LMS training Complete required HR training Work on syllabi, courses, ancillary materials Meet f2f in June, July, August Set up 1st year goals & loose 3-year prof dev plan

8 Welcome New Faculty & Mentors

9 Mentors Introduce New Faculty

10 Fall Spring 2012 Develop a flexible and situated understanding of technology and its use in teaching, learning, and assessment in f2f, blended, and online modalities Work collaboratively within cohort to define gaps and develop solutions to authentic pedagogical problems Participate in in 3-year course reviews with teams of faculty and IDT’s  new course design/refresh Shadow faculty exhibiting TPACK competencies; tour their online courses, visit classrooms Meet regularly with mentor to discuss big picture as well as details Attend CETL, WITS, QEP, CT workshops

11 Sample Monthly Module After completing the online readings and videos in ANGEL Visit a developmental reading, writing, math or SLS course Interview a developmental ed instructor Visit one of the College’s support programs for at-risk students, e.g. MAX, WOW, SSS Post to the February discussion board: 1 recent (2000+) research article in your discipline on teaching at-risk/underprepared students 1-paragraph summary; 1-par. reaction/application to your own teaching

12 1. Tarpon Springs Campus 2. Clearwater Campus 3. EpiCenter 4. Veterinary Technology Center 5. Seminole Campus 6. Health Education Center 7. St. Petersburg/Gibbs Campus 8. SPC Downtown 9. SPC Midtown 10. Allstate Center

13 Allstate Center Visit

14 Formative Assessment Time -- Relevance -- Understanding – Confidence
LOW MODERATE HIGH What’s working? Cohort, Mentoring, CETL Information Flow What can be improved? Long-time adjuncts could “teach” orientation modules Add a printed manual to accompany online readings Provide estimated time to complete modules Add tutorials on staff central/MySPC Go over grading, e.g. I, N, WF Broaden range of disciplines in ex’s Open all assignments to peer review

15 Questions, Comments, Discussion

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