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Stimulates the right (pictures) and left (words) side of the brain

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1 Study Skills for Year 7 by Mrs Deakin and Mrs Purchase Learning mentors

2 Stimulates the right (pictures) and left (words) side of the brain
Makes use of different Learning styles Mirrors how the brain works Saves time - you only record key words Makes use of linking Why use a mind map? Easy to review, easy to recreate from memory Can be used to help organise your thoughts in the exam and crossed out later! Ideas are easy to remember

3 Prepare bag night before
Organisation skills Timetable Time to study Correct equipment Quiet place to work Use and check planner! Prepare bag night before

4 Typical homework Timetable
Day Subject pm 4.30-5pm 5.30-6pm 6-6.30pm 6.30-7pm Monday English Maths science Dance club Dinner Science Tuesday Art Geography Fave t.v geography Out with friends Wednesday R.E Netball maths Guides Thursday Drama PSHE ICT netball PSHE/ICT Friday History Technology French Saturday F A D M I Y L y Sunday Take a 5 minute break after each homework subject, drink plenty & if your stuck, ASK FOR HELP!

5 Some practical ways to go about homework
Colours, highlighters Pens, pencils, rulers Water Planner Paper; plain, lined & graph Post its Calculator Computer access

6 Talk It Through With Someone :
With a parent With a friend With a member of staff Discuss the topic together Ask the person to explain it while you listen Explain it to them while they listen

7 Relaxation Techniques
Sit in a comfortable position Close your eyes Take 5 deep breaths Repeat above until you feel more relaxed Write down the things that are worrying you Go for a walk Do some exercise Do some yoga, meditation or massage Watch a good film Be positive & believe in yourself Tell yourself you can do it!

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