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Sound and Structure (Pattern)

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1 Sound and Structure (Pattern)
Poetry, Part II Sound and Structure (Pattern)

2 Chapter 14, Perrine’s Structure – the arrangement of ideas, images, thoughts, and sentences Form – refers to the “shape” of the poem… internal order of materials and external shape. Poems have three broad forms: A) Continuous B) Stanzaic C) Fixed

3 More on Forms… Continuous – lines follow one another without formal grouping; breaks are dictated by units of meaning. Stanzaic – written in a series of stanzas; repeated units have the same number of lines and often identical rhyme scheme. (More formal pattern) Fixed – traditional pattern (i.e. sonnet)

4 Sonnets Sonnet - classified as a fixed form; 14 lines in length (usually iambic pentameter). A) Most sonnets follow two models: Italian or English Italian (Petrarchan)- divided between eight lines called the octave. Rhyme = abbaabba or six lines/ setset = cdcdcd and cdecde Division between octave and setset corresponds to a division in thought.

5 Sonnets English (Shakespearean) – consists of 3 quatrains [4 line stanza] and a concluding couplet. Division is marked by the development of thought.

6 Villanelle Villanelle – Fixed Form; 19 lines consisting of five tercets rhymed aba [3 line stanza] and a concluding quatrain rhymed abaa.

7 Rhyme… Rhyme – repetition of accented vowel sound and any succeeding consonant sounds A) Masculine – rhyme sounds involves only one syllable (decks and sex or support and retort) B) Feminine – rhyme sounds involve two or more syllables (turtle and fertile or spitefully and delightfully)

8 Rhyme… Approximate – (slant rhymes) words with any kind of sound similarity (lightly and frightfully or yellow and willow) Internal – one or more rhyming words within the line End – rhyming words at the ends of lines Refrain – repetition of whole words, phrases, lines, or groups of lines (mostly songs)

9 Rhythm and Meter Rhythm – any wavelike recurrence of motion or sound; the natural rise and fall of language. Accented (stressed) one or more syllables receiving prominence in pronunciation. Rhetorical Stresses – stressing of words so as to emphasize meaning. (ex. I don’t believe YOU) Caesuras – pauses within lines (grammatical or rhetorical) – a way to vary rhythm in lines.

10 Rhythm and Meter Meter – identifying characteristic of rhythmic language.

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