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2 Basic Polynomial Operations
Simplify each expression 5.

3 Monomials/Exponents Simplify each expression A. B. C. A. B. C.
Challenge Problems 4. Find the value of r. A B.

4 Monomials/Exponents Multiply
A. (4x)2 B. (2a2b)(4ab2) C. (4pq)(-2p2q3) D. (-5x2y3)(7xy4)(2xy) A B. Multiply, then add or subtract. A B. C D.

5 Factoring What is the Greatest Common Factor (GCF) :
A. 28, B. 48, 72, C. 15xy, 45x2, 60x2y2 Factor, write prime if it does not factor. (use greatest monomial factor method) A. 12a3b + 15ab2 B. 24x2 – 8x C. 18m2n m2n3 + 24m2n2 (use difference of square method) D. x2 – 1 E. 9y2 – F. 4a2 – 81b2 (use grouping method) G. n2 + 2n + 3mn + 6m H. 6ax – 3a + 4bx -2b

6 Factoring Factor each trinomial, write prime if it does not factor.
A B. C D. E F. G H. I J.

7 Solving equations using Factoring
Find the solution: 1. put in standard form (set to zero) factor completely set each part to zero solve for the variable. Identify the vertex and graph with using a graphing calculator. A B. C D. E F. CHALLENGE PROBLEMS!!!!! G H.

8 Solve using complete the square method or the Quadratic Formula.
Find the real zeros (x-intecepts/solutions) and vertex using Complete the square method. Find the real zeros using the quadratic formula.

9 Solving quadratic word problems
A square field had 9cm added to its length and 3cm added to the width. Its new area is 280cm2. Find the length of the original field. 2. The perimeter of a rectangular piece of property is 8 miles and its area is 3square miles. Find the dimensions. The area of a rectangular pool is 192 square meters. The length of the pool is 4meters more than its width. Find the length and width. Fourteen less than the square of a number is the same as five times the number. Find the number. The sum of the squares of two consecutive positive even integers is Find the integers. Challenge: The sum of the squares of three consecutive, positive integers is equal to the sum of the squares of the next two integers. Find the five integers.

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