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Team Building.

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1 Team Building

2 What is Teamwork & Team Building
Concept of people working together as a team Team player A team player is someone who is able to get along with their colleagues and work together in a cohesive group Team Building Process of establishing and developing a greater sense of collaboration and trust between members

3 Why Should We Be a Team? When staff use their skills and knowledge together, the result is a stronger agency that can fulfill its mission “To provide accurate information that would assist individuals in achieving a better quality of life.” People working together can sustain the enthusiasm and lend support needed to complete the work of each program.

4 How does a Team Work Best?
A Teams succeeds when its members have: a commitment to common objectives defined roles and responsibilities effective decision systems, communication and work procedures good personal relationships According to Bob Mendonsa and Associates’ web page on Team building : Team Building is a process and not an event. Team Building is about both willingness and ability. Sometimes teams problems occur because team members lack important skills. Sometimes there are trust issues. Team Building must address individual and group issues. People do not “disappear” when they choose to belong to a group. Any team building effort must address the strengths and development needs of individual team members that impact the group as a whole. Of course the corollary is true and groups or teams fail when they: Think differently Have poor leadership Have communications difficulties Have competition between members

5 Team Morale Depends On Support Resources Communication Personalities

6 Teamwork Skills Listen Question Persuade Respect Help Share

7 Team Roles - Leader Encourages and maintains open communication
Leads by setting a good example Motivates and inspires team members Helps the team focus on the task Facilitates problem solving and collaboration Maintains healthy group dynamics Encourages creativity and risk-taking Recognizes and celebrates team member contributions

8 Recipe for Successful Team
Effective systems and processes Clear communication Beneficial team behaviors; well-defined decision procedures and ground rules Balanced participation Awareness of the group process Good personal relationships Clear communication: Speak with clarity and be succinct. Listen actively; explore rather than debate each speaker’s ideas. Avoid interrupting. Beneficial team behaviors: Should encourage all members to use the skills and practices that make discussions and meetings more effective; suggest procedures for meeting goals, clarify or elaborate on ideas; keep the discussion from digressing Well-defined decision procedures: discuss how decisions will be made; use data as a basis of decisions; explore important issues by polling Balanced participation: Everyone should participate in discussions and decisions, share commitment to the project’s success and contribute their talents Established ground rules: Establish ground rules for what will and will not be tolerated in the team Awareness of group process: Be sensitive to nonverbal communication; be aware of the group process and how the team works together Use the scientific approach: Of course this is the underlying assumption in a project development, but in team building it helps members avoid team problems and disagreements. Opinions must be supported by data

9 The Results of Team Work

10 Every Team Member Can Help!


12 Everyone Has to Hang in There!

13 Thank you

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