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Presentation for Flex Day June 7, 2011 LATTC Accreditation 2011-2012.

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1 Presentation for Flex Day June 7, 2011 LATTC Accreditation 2011-2012

2 Accreditation Overview Last June, the ACCJC removed LATTC from Probation, noting our “considerable good work.” Final resolution of 4 recommendations to remove from Warning completed in March Successful Follow-up Visit in April

3 Rec 2: Program Review & Validation 100% completion (148 completed) 204 goals, with 360 objectives and 643 activities submitted 440 activity and resource request forms submitted 225 members participated in the program review process 115 members participated in the validation process 2 Cycles of Prioritization Completed!

4 Integrated Planning and Resource Allocation

5 Rec. 3: Formal Review, Evaluation, and Dialogue for SLOs and Continuous Improvement  LATTC successfully completed assessments of over 415 courses in fall 2010 963 courses not scheduled to be taught this academic year have been archived 145 courses have been updated through the ECD system to include SLOs PLOs identified and linked to college’s core competencies Pilot validation for assessments completed Department Dialogues about assessment results underway  100% of non-instructional areas have submitted assessment plans for SLOs/SAOs

6 Student Success – Continuous Improvement Student Learning Outcomes & Assessment Planning Progress Instructional Areas - Course Level

7 Student Success – Continuous Improvement Service Area Outcomes & Assessment Planning Progress Student & Administrative Services

8 What’s Next for SLOs/SAOs/PLOs: Spring 2011 343 courses scheduled for assessment in Departments naming “Course Captains” Departments defining the criteria and tools for spring course assessments Every department offering a degree or certificate completing at least one PLO assessment Service areas will complete at least one SAO assessment Fall 2011 Completion of remaining PLO & GE Assessments

9 Rec. 4: Leadership LATTC has stemmed the turnover of senior management. The senior administration is stable. The President began his 5 th academic year in Fall 2010. All vice presidents and deans are now permanent employees. LATTC will draft a Future Leadership plan by the time of its Midterm Report in 2012.

10 Rec. 5: Seamless Communication and Reporting between the College and District A District/College Communication webpage was developed by LATTC as a single point of contact for information and communication. A parallel site is being developed by the district.

11 Accountability & Institutional Effectiveness Implement system of accountability for meeting college policies Evaluate administrative reorganization Data on website SLO and Student Success Data Program Review & Validations Fact Book & Core Indicators

12 Planning Calendar for College Effectiveness

13 Planning Processes for College Effectiveness SMP & EMP Integration New Strategic Master Plan - process began Spring 2011 New Educational Master Plan - process to begin Fall 2011 Other Approved Plans Technology Master Plan 2010-2014 Enrollment Management Plan 2011 – 2012 Student Equity Plan 2010- 2014 Matriculation Plan 2010- 2014 Assessment Management Plan 2010- 2013 Handbooks (updated annually) LATTC Participatory Governance Handbook College Planning Handbook

14 What’s Next for Accreditation Official ACCJC Evaluation Report by July 4th Expect to be removed from Warning based on sterling report from visiting team Directions regarding Midterm Report given in letter as well Midterm Report Due March 15, 2012 Can be directed to give update on all or selected recommendations Will definitely have to report on reaching proficiency for SLO/SAO/PLO/ILOs May or may not have another follow-up visit Celebration & Recognition of Campus Community’s Teamwork August 25, 2011—Convocation

15 Resources for Accreditation LATTC Accreditation Website: FAQs: Follow-up Report: report/ report/ Program Review Reports: SLO Assessment Reports: Other Resources ACCJC Newsletter: Visit

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