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Prevention of Falls In Older People A Community of Practice for Falls A collaborative project between NHS Quality Improvement, NHS Education and NHS Health.

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1 Prevention of Falls In Older People A Community of Practice for Falls A collaborative project between NHS Quality Improvement, NHS Education and NHS Health Scotland

2 Background NHS QIS Practice Development Unit identified falls as a priority topic (Dec 05) SEHD convened a falls working group (April 06) QIS Falls Scoping Workshop (Dec 06) SEHD Rehab Framework published (Jan 07) NHS Health Scotland Falls Mapping Project (Jan 07) SEHD HDL on Falls and Rehab (Feb 07)

3 Falls - An International Concern World Health Organization 2004 “Policy, research and practice are interconnected components necessary for the effective and sustainable program of falls prevention for older persons “ 3 consistent themes in existing guidelines in the development of falls policies Leadership Partnership Education

4 Falls - An International Concern International activity demonstrates that strong leadership has led to falls prevention policies Canada ( British Columbia ) Falls and Injury Coalition USA National Action Plan (2005) Australia - National Falls Prevention Programme(2004)

5 Existing Guidelines/Frameworks Skills for Health Competency Framework Older People Falls and Stroke ( 2007) Nice Clinical Practice Guidelines for the assessment and prevention of falls in older people (2004) SIGN 71 Management of Osteoporosis ( 2003) SIGN 56 Prevention and management of hip fracture ( 2002) AGS,BGS: Guideline for prevention of falls in older person ( 2001) Health Education Board Falls Pathway Professional Guidelines ( CSP, COT, RCN )

6 The size of the problem  Over a million falls a year  1 Hip Fracture every 9 mins  Cost £12-18k  1 Wrist Fracture every 10 mins  Cost £450  500 admitted to Hospital every day  33 will never go home

7 Falls- Some Statistics Community dwelling older people Approx 10% of UK ambulance service calls are to people over 65 who have fallen, about 60% of cases are taken to hospital Falls are the leading cause of injury deaths amongst people over 65 and older, half occur in their own home Older adults who falls once are two or three times as likely to fall again within a year WHO Health Evidence Network (HEN) 2007

8 Falls- Some Statistics Older people in residential care Approx 50% of older people in residential care facilities fall at least once a year Falls are recorded as a contributing factor in 40% of admissions to nursing homes The incidence of falls can double after older people are relocated to a new environment and then return to baseline after the first three months WHO Health Evidence Network (HEN) 2007

9 Sedentary vs active lifestyles  >3 hrs per week targeted exercise  myocardial infarct - 3 x less likely  Osteoporosis - 2 x less likely  Fall-related injuries - 2 x less likely  Hip fracture - 2 x less likely  WHO, 1996 “regular physical activity helps to  “preserve independent living” and  “postpone the age associated declines in balance and co-ordination that are major risk factors for falls”

10 Key Risk Factors for falls Muscle weakness Abnormality of balance or gait Poor eyesight Drug therapy Neurological disease Foot problems/Arthritis Layout of home SIGN 56

11 Falls Mapping Study High Level evidence from 2003 The Scottish Context Mapping Falls Prevention Activity –On line questionnaire to each board area –Three health board areas reviewed in-depth with 6 depth interviews with key personnel

12 Falls Mapping Study Evidence Desk based literature search from 2003 ( after the NICE guideline ) found 856 relevant publications on falls prevention, risk minimisation, assessment demonstrating a high level of activity this area Scott Porter Research and Marketing

13 Falls Mapping Study The Scottish Context All Our Futures: Planning for a Scotland with an Ageing Population (2007) Delivery Framework for Adult Rehabilitation (February 2007) HDL Rehabilitation and Falls (2007) SEHD Falls Working Group (April 2006) Changing Lives (2006) National Framework for Service Change (2005) Delivering for Health (2005) Taking Positive Steps to Avoid Trips and Falls’ (February 2003) Adding Life to Years: Report of the Expert Group on Healthcare of Older People (January 2002) Falls Prevention Conference (November 2002) Joint Future (2000)

14 Falls Mapping Study Mapping Exercise –focusing on: existing falls prevention strategies/implementation plans systems and facilities in place for assessing those at risk of a fall extent of implementation of multifactorial interventions tools developed to support falls prevention falls prevention training/education currently available to staff health promotion approaches used with older people existing network and support groups examples of good practice.

15 Falls Mapping Study Summary of Key Issues Need for a culture change in relation to falls Need for clear direction from policy, board and local authorities Falls coordinators/leads are a crucial link Need for standardised assessment tools and data capture Sharing and dissemination strategy Available evidence base and best practice Training for staff Health Promotion Primary prevention as well as secondary prevention

16 Rehabilitation and Falls HDL NHS Boards need to have a combined falls and bone health strategy which CHP will implement CHPs need to appoint a falls prevention lead or coordinator to work along side the rehab coordinators CHPs need to develop an operational falls prevention and bone health implementation strategy

17 Next Steps Falls Programme Manager (October 2007) Managed Knowledge Network ( rehabilitation and falls) Community of practice for falls ( 2 year work programme )

18 Evidence used to inform decision making


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