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Representing Data.

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1 Representing Data

2 Vocabulary words Bar graph-a graph that uses bars to show data
Picture graph- a graph that uses pictures to show data

3 Bar Graph

4 Bar Graph

5 Bar Graph

6 Circle Graph/Pie Graph

7 Circle Graph/Pie Graph

8 Picture graph/Pictograph

9 Bar Graph- it may go in either direction

10 Vocabulary words Tally mark-a mark that shows one piece of data
Image from Tally chart –a chart that uses tally marks to record

11 Gathering information from a tally chart

12 Parts of a graph title↓ label→ Units →

13 Data-related action words
collect - collect your data

14 Data-related action words
collect interpret represent graph

15 Data-related action words
Represent - find a way to show your information by using one of the many graphs.(bar, line, picture, pie, or a tally chart)

16 Data-related action words
Graph -A diagram of values, usually shown as lines or bars Definition from:

17 I use ____ to show data in a bar graph.
2. I use ____ to show data in a tally chart. 3. I use ____ to show data in a picture graph. pictures bars tally marks


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