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Infinite Campus - Student Information System MMSD New Teachers Infinite Campus Information Welcome! Have a terrific year.

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1 Infinite Campus - Student Information System MMSD New Teachers Infinite Campus Information Welcome! Have a terrific year.

2 Use of grade-level appropriate Infinite Campus teacher tools "The goal of asking teachers to use grade level appropriate Infinite Campus teacher tools is to provide regular, timely communication to students and families. Providing communication in a timely manner will ensure that students and families are aware of assignment expectations as they are occurring and before students fall behind. For middle and high school teachers, this means entering assignments when they are given to students so that the portal indicates what has been assigned with corresponding due dates. Weekly entry of assignment and test scores will make certain that students and families have access to current student progress."

3 Infinite Campus Double click on the Infinite Campus icon Log in as a staff member “Click here if you are a staff member” (There is a separate link for Parents and Students) Select - Log In to Infinite Campus Login information: o Username: b###### o Password is the same as your Novell log in o You should change your password under IC account settings Office Staff can look up your IC login information or call Help Desk 663-5853 M-F 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM. NOTE: There is some lag time between HR and login set up.


5 Link for questions and help with IC

6 Infinite Campus Log In Screen

7 IC Home Page Navigation Bar o Toggle button o Year (11-12) o School (school name) o Sections (classes) Contact your school secretary if any information is incorrect.


9 IC Home Page District Notices o Grading window announcements o System reports School Notices o Daily school information from office staff Process Inbox o Attendance


11 Take Attendance Process Inbox, select the Attendance Required line Attendance Required Attendance defaulted to who is present in class. Excused absences are also indicated. If different, make changes, include Tardies and SAVE. Update your attendance if necessary by going to ‘Instruction > attendance’ and SAVE. If student arrives late or leaves early, follow school procedures. You can always use paper/pencil and turn into the office


13 IC Home Page Navigation Pane o Your Name brings you back to home page o Three tabs: Index, Search, Help o Infinite Campus Support Site o Features: use the plus sign ‘+’ or word to open (not the icon) o Student Information o Instruction o Account Settings o Log Off

14 Tabs Your name

15 Locate Student Information Student Information in Instruction > Roster To look up a specific student, Select ‘Student Information’ Select ‘General’ The search tab will open up. Type in the student’s last name and select the ‘Go” button Select the name desired Select information tabs o Summary o Enrollment – click on year and look for ELL and EEN info o Assessment o ELL


17 Student Image

18 Grades Go to Instruction > o Grading by Task or o Grading by Student Skip percentage box Use pull down to select grade or score (scoring guide is on report card) Add comments SAVE

19 comments grade

20 IC Grade Book Middle and High School teachers should use Infinite Campus to record assignments and post grades. This is set up in Assignments and Grade Book.

21 Instruction > Admin > Preferences Show student pictures on attendance. Click on Show Student Pictures and Save. Easier to learn names the first couple of weeks.

22 Instruction > Reports Blank spreadsheets generates a pdf that can be printed for each section. Great for record keeping.

23 Parent and Student Portals Each parent and student has their own access to Infinite Campus through their portal, which they have activated during registration. They can view assignments, grades, district and school messages, attendance, standardized assessments, fees.

24 Parent Portal

25 Logging Off/Security Procedures When you are done or leave your computer Log Off The program will deactivate your link after one hour. Do not share your login information with anyone. If you change your network password, your Infinite Campus password will NOT change. Do not have other adults submit attendance unless you personally enter the login information. Log in only on one computer at a time.


27 Resources Infinite Campus Support Site – link in IC Campus Community - link in IC Infinite Campus Information link, below Staff at log in. Building Contact Colleagues Office staff Downtown Infinite Campus support: Stacy Smith 3-5239 (Grade Book Support) Tina Krouth 3-1913 (Grade Book Support) Tech Support – Fill out a work order through the online system in the Application Launcher

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