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Infinite Campus.

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1 Infinite Campus

2 What is Infinite Campus?
It is a web-based program where administrators, teachers, parents and students use technology to streamline educational processes, work more efficiently, and increase individual student achievement.

3 What can I do with Infinite Campus?
Features you will use THIS year: Daily attendance & Lunch Count Set up a grade book Keep a grade book Create report cards and interims Access student data Receive daily notices from Central Office Optional features include: Create a seating chart Create mailing labels Make reports for missing work Send messages to parents Access student medical info And much more…

4 This year Parents/Guardians can:
View attendance View Interims View Report Cards Paper copies will be sent by the Board Office to parents who have not logged in to their family portal. Parents will be informed by a flyer sent home from school. This is coming soon!

5 Goals by Monday PM: Log in to Your Own Infinite Campus Home Page
Change your password Take attendance (This will NOT appear until Tuesday AM) Record lunch count (This will NOT appear until Tuesday AM) Access student information SAVE your work!!! Log off Let Tech Teacher know BEFORE Tuesday AM if you can not log in.

6 Home Page Click ‘Your Name’ to get back to home page
District notes are here School notes are here Process Inbox is here: Your attendance alert will be here each morning

7 Navigation: Drop down menus include: Toggle bar option Year School
Schedule- Grade level Section- Class

8 Navigation: Toggle Menu Includes: 3 Tabs
Index- Options Available e.g., Gradebook Search- Search for students Search for help by keyword Help- Online Manual for the IC page you are on

9 Attendance & Lunch Count:

10 Attendance & Lunch Count:
P = present A = absent T = Tardy Comments can be made when a child is marked absent or tardy SAVE!!! If a change needs to be made after you have saved your work, just click the Attendance Tool in the toggle bar

11 Admin Tool: Click Admin in toggle bar Click Preferences to set
teacher preferences e.g., Seating chart view for attendance Always check ‘Hide Dropped Students’ Always check ‘Use Canned Comments’ This must be done for each section or class (chosen in drop-down menu) SAVE!!!

12 Admin Tool: Click Admin in toggle bar Click ‘Seating Chart Setup’
Choose ‘Auto Fill-Alpha’, ‘Auto Fill-Random’, or Display Standard Chart’ When you ‘Display Standard Chart’ you can choose the chart dimensions, exclude seats, choose student from drop-down menu SAVE!!! (PDF file) Print seating chart

13 Lesson Planner: (Be sure to set this up BEFORE using your Gradebook)
Click ‘Lesson Planner’ in toggle menu Choose Your Section or Class from the drop-down menu Choose your Quarter Grade e.g., Term Q1 or Term Q2 Choose weighting preferences & curve SAVE!!! **See handout “ Lesson Planner and Gradebook

14 Lesson Planner: Click Lesson Planner Tab to refresh page
NEVER use the BACK Internet Explorer button

15 Lesson Planner: Choose ‘New Group’, ‘New Assignment’, or
‘New Activity’ to organize your Gradebook Choose ‘Lesson Plan Copier’ to copy all Groups (e.g., tests, quizzes) to all Sections or Classes BEFORE assignments are made **See handout “ Lesson Planner and Gradebook

16 Grading by Task: (Interims, Indicators, Kindergarten & Related Arts)

17 Grade by Student: (Interims, Indicators, Kindergarten & Related Arts)

18 Roster: (View all student information)
Name Student # Birth Date Phone Number Address Flags (e.g., health concerns, Custodial Issues) Plus MUCH more! ***Teacher’s can not change this info.

19 Reports: (Blank Spreadsheet)

20 Reports: (Roster Labels)

21 Reports: (Student Summary Report)

22 Let’s look at Infinite Campus:

23 Helpful Hints ALWAYS log-off Campus when you are finished with your session. ALWAYS save your work. Be sure to save frequently. There is no paper manual for Campus. All help is online. PDF files can be printed for help as needed. Never use the back space or refresh buttons in Internet Explorer. Instead, use the tabs and buttons within Campus. Your Name is your homepage within Campus Campus will log you off after 60 minutes of inactivity. Your work will be lost if you have not saved.

24 Myths about Campus Myth: Parents can see my grade book this year.
Myth: I can use Campus to write Lesson Plans. Myth: All Campus work has to be done at school. The grade book will not be viewed by parents this year. More to come on this topic for next year! False, the lesson planner is a grade book set-up. False, Infinite Campus can be accessed ANYWHERE you have Internet access.

25 Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What am I required to do this year? A. Teachers will be taking attendance on the computer in their room using Infinite Campus from day 1; you will be using Infinite Campus for your grade book, interims and report cards. Q. Are we using Infinite Campus for behavioral referrals? A. Yes. Secondary teachers should use Infinite Campus to write referrals for students in their classes. Teachers will still need to use previously used paper copies of referrals to report behavior of students not in their classes. Q. What information will parents be able to access this year? A. The “Parent Portal” will be open for parents to access their child’s interim, quarterly report card and attendance. Q. Who do I contact if my student information (class, section, address, etc.) is incorrect? A. The building secretaries are the first line of defense in cleaning up the data. Teachers do not have access to change student data. If the secretary is unable to help, you can contact several people in IT: Linda Paolucci Janice Orlando Butch Woodburn

26 Q. Are building staff members printing report cards for mailing to parents or for student permanent records? A. No. Parents will access their child’s report card and interim on the parent portal from home or work. The district will mail report cards only to those parents who have not accessed them on the internet. Student permanent records will be kept in digital form. Q. Are the elementary teachers using Infinite Campus for their lunch counts? A. Yes. You can do lunch count in your grade book area, then the office will print a report for food service. Q. Right now we only have 2007 – 08 data. Will the previous year’s data be available next year? A. Yes. Infinite Campus will store all of our data from 2007 on. Q. Who do we contact if our sections are not built? A. The elementary secretaries are working on building the sections. If yours is not done, talk to your secretary first, then you can call Linda Paolucci or Jan Orlando.

27 Q. Who can make changes to the report card?
A. Once you post and save your grades, they are done. Secretaries and/or the IT department can make changes after this point – much the same as in the past. Q. Are interims going to be necessary next year when the grade books are open? A. We will meet with a committee of teachers to determine what interims should look like in the future. This year’s interim is very similar to the one used previously. Q. Do we print hard copies of interims/report cards? A. No. Parents will access their child’s interim and report card on the parent portal via the web. The district will mail report cards to those parents who do not access them at home or work. Q. Will we print a copy of the report card for the permanent record? A. Not for quarterly report cards. A decision will be made regarding hard copies of report cards for the end of the year. This may be the time to go to a digital format for report cards given the security of Infinite Campus. Q. How do people that need access to students that aren’t in their class (ie. special education, intervention teams, etc.) get student information? A. The Student Services Department will examine the permissions granted to these teachers.

28 Q. How do I login to the training data?
A. Our training URL is: Q. Will the building substitutes have access to Infinite Campus? A. Only if they are a replacement for a single teacher and will be entering grades for that teacher. If they will be replacing teachers throughout the building/district, the courses being taught by that teacher will have to have the teacher name changed to the sub’s name to have access. Q. Can we put period times into Infinite Campus? A. The times are already attached in the calendar tab. Q. Should psychologists and special education teachers attend the training sessions on Friday and Monday (August 24 &25)? A. Yes, even though the training is more geared toward classroom teachers (attendance, grade books, etc), it should be helpful to begin to see how Campus navigates. There will be sessions held early in the year for these teachers related to their specific job requirements.

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