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Operating System Virtualization

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1 Operating System Virtualization
Adam Nofsinger

2 OS Virtualization What is it? Brief History Why use it?
Virtualization Software Shortcomings Future Tech

3 Virtualization Definition:
Broadly describes the (beneficial) separation of a resource or service from the typical physical means of providing it. Examples: Virtual Memory Virtual Private Networks Java Virtual Machine

4 Virtualization OS Virtualization (Virtual Machines)
Separate OS from Physical Hardware Host OS  Guest OS Host OS Guest OS Virtual Layer Hardware

5 Virtualization Techniques
How does Guest OS get to Hardware? Guest OS Virtual Layer Host OS Hardware Processor – Memory – NIC – Disk

6 Virtualization Techniques
Virtual Monitor Qemu, Vmware Player, Microsoft Virtual PC Sometimes called Emulation, e.g. x86 Emulation Guest OS Guest OS Guest OS Virtual Monitor Host OS Hardware

7 Virtualization Techniques
Hypervisor Vmware ESX Server, Parallels* OS OS OS Hypervisor Software Hardware

8 Virtualization Techniques
Para-Virtualization Xen, Vmware Tools* Guest OS (Modified) Guest OS (Modified) Guest OS (Modified) Virtual Monitor Host OS Hardware

9 One Slide History 1960s 1980s 1990s - Present
IBM’s Mainframe Computers (e.g. IBM S/360) Compatible Time Sharing System (CTSS) 1980s Desktop PC  Virtualization on Backburner 1990s - Present IA-32 Server Hardware  High Profit Market Virtualization  Increased Hardware value. Vmware Introduces Workstation

10 Why OS Virtualization? Multi-Platform Testing Emulated Hardware
Only need one set of Hardware Resource saver on purchases (time/money) Can cut setup time Emulated Hardware Same Hardware on All Test Environments Hardware Simulation Limited Resource Environments

11 Why OS Virtualization? Isolation Encapsulation
Virtual Machine from Host OS / Other VMs Safe for “untrusted” applications. Partitioning of Services Server Environment more stable. Some Applications don’t play w/ Others Encapsulation One VM  One File/Folder on Disk Typically easy to migrate.

12 Why OS Virtualization? OS Debugging
Crash on Developing OS do not (typically) affect Host OS. Debug Memory dumps CPU Registers Serial / Parallel Port dumps Multiple OS Instances Simultaneously Infrastructure Testing Win 98  Linux  OpenBSD  Win 2K

13 Why OS Virtualization? Legacy Applications
Server Application Virtualization Testing Some application commonly on VMs Portability Requirements Lessen Down with Host OS! Virtualization is Fun! Gain Experience with new OS. Help a business transition to Open-Source.

14 Virtualization Software
Vmware Server Player Workstation ESX Server Qemu Xen Microsoft Virtual PC/Server Connectix

15 Vmware Server Currently Free! (But Geared toward Server)
Unique Features vs. Workstation Remote Administration Consoles Web Interface VMs can Run as Service Slow to Administrate Especially GUI style (e.g. X, Windows) Can make VMs for Vmware Player








23 Vmware Player Demo Time!

24 Vmware WorkStation Geared more toward Software Developers
Features vs. Vmware Server Multiple Snapshots Cloning Movie Recording Teams & VPNs $200/license


26 Vmware ESX Server Intended for Enterprise-Level Servers Hypervisor
Partitioning Hypervisor Runs on “Bare Metal” (Hardware Layer) Live Migration

27 QEMU Demo Time!

28 Xen Open-Source, Linux Para-Virtualization Live Migration Very Fast
Have to use Modified Guest OS Kernel Modifications Windows? Live Migration

29 Microsoft Virtual PC / Server
The VM Software Formerly Known as Connectix Virtual PC Runs on x86 or Power PC Architecture PC: $130 Server: $100 - $200 (#of processor)

30 Other Offerings Bochs IA-32 Emulator
Linux-VServer Virtuozzo => Server Virtualization, $200 - $4000+ OpenVZ => Open Source Virtuozzo Parallels Workstation 2.0 => Hypervisor-Powered, $49 / license TRANGO – RTOS Hypervisor, ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, etc.

31 General Shortcomings Virtual Machine cannot represent real scenario 100% accurately. Especially true with Para-Virtualization. Most situations  close enough. Guest OS Hardware Requirements. Host needs more RAM, HD Space, etc. Sometimes just to operate

32 General Shortcomings Intel IA-32  Virtualization Problems
More on this in a bit (Vanderpool) Some Hardware not supported USB (Sometimes) 3D Graphics Cards Etc.

33 Future Tech Intel VT (aka “Vanderpool”)
Virtual Machine Extensions (VMX) 10 new virtualization specific instructions VMXON, VMXOFF VMLAUNCH, VMRESUME BIOS / VMM application in the works OS OS OS Virtual Layer Virtual CPU Virtual CPU Virtual CPU

34 Future Tech AMD VT (aka “Pacifica”) Similar to Intel
Additions to x86 Architecture to better support VMs

35 References Amit Sing, An Introduction to Virtualization
Vmware, Virtualization Overview Vmware, Virtualization White Paper [pdf] Cambridge University Systems Research Group, Xen Website Microsoft, Virtual PC Website Bochs Website Gabriel Torres, Intel Virtualization Technology (VT) Explained AMD, “Pacifica” Virtualization Technology [pdf]

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