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Archetypes. A pattern from which copies can be made. The “perfect example” of something. What is an Archetype?

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1 Archetypes

2 A pattern from which copies can be made. The “perfect example” of something. What is an Archetype?

3 Archetypes fall into two major categories: characters and situations/symbols.

4 Characters: The Seven Archetypes

5 Hero Protagonist / central character Purpose: –Separate from the ordinary world –Sacrifice himself for the service of the Journey (answer the challenge, complete the quest, restore the world’s balance) We experience the Journey through the eyes of the Hero

6 Hero – The entire story revolves around Simba who is set apart from the beginning of the movie for a greater purpose. He is chosen at birth to become great and completes his journey to become king and defeat Scar in the end.

7 Mentor Provides Motivation Insights Training … to help the Hero

8 Mentor – Mufasa prepares Simba to be the hero by teaching him who he is meant to be. He trains him to hunt and shows him the importance of being king.

9 Threshold Guardian Protects the “Special World” and its secrets from the Hero Provides essential tests to prove the Hero’s commitment and worth

10 Threshold Guardian – Before Simba can embark on his adventure home, he must speak with Rafiki who inspires and reminds him to be who he was meant to be.

11 Herald Issues challenges Announces the coming of significant change Can make his appearance at any time during the Journey Often appears at the beginning to announce a “Call to Adventure” Character may wear the Herald’s mask to make an announcement or judgment, report news, or deliver a message

12 Herald – Nala can be viewed as a herald by finding Simba and telling him that if he does not come home soon the hyenas will take over the Pridelands. She calls him to his adventure.

13 Shapeshifter Mask misleads the Hero by hiding a character’s intentions and loyalties

14 Shapeshifter – Scar misleads Simba, the hero, by making him believe that Mufasa’s death is his fault.

15 Shadow Can represent –Our darkest desires –Our untapped resources –Rejected qualities Can also symbolize –Our greatest fears and phobias May not be all bad May reveal admirable (even redeeming) qualities Hero’s enemies / villains often wear the Shadow mask This physical force is determined to destroy the Hero and his cause

16 The hyenas represent the Shadow in The Lion King because their entire goal is to take over the Pridelands with the help of Scar. The scene where they are all marching around practicing for the new reign of Scar illustrates this. They represent the dark desires of power and deception.

17 Trickster Loves disruption and chaos May not change through the course of the Journey However, world and its inhabitants are transformed by Trickster’s antics Uses laughter and ridicule to make characters see the absurdity of a situation and possibly force a change

18 Tricksters – Timon and Pumba use laughter and chaos to force change and help Simba grow up. Their joking is a reminder of who he is destined to be – King.

19 Situations/Symbols

20 The Task A situation in which a character, or group of characters, is driven to complete some duty of monstrous proportion.

21 Simba’s task is to destroy Scar and reclaim his rightful place as king of the Pridelands.

22 The Quest Here, the character(s) are searching for something, whether consciously or unconsciously. Their actions, thoughts, and feelings center around the goal for completing this quest.

23 The Quest– Simba may not know at first, but from the beginning his quest is to find himself and sense of purpose in becoming king of Prideland. While he does realize the importance of his quest, every decision and action he makes leads him to complete the journey.

24 The Loss of Innocence This is, as the name implies, a loss of innocence through sexual experience, violence, or any other means.

25 The Initiation This is the process by which a character is brought into another sphere of influence, usually (in literature) into adulthood.

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