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DIY HEALTH CHECK… ARE YOU READY FOR THE NEW HORIZON? Linda Hayes, Managing Director, Corporate Synergies Australia 1.

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1 DIY HEALTH CHECK… ARE YOU READY FOR THE NEW HORIZON? Linda Hayes, Managing Director, Corporate Synergies Australia 1


3 Preparation WELCOME TO A WORLD OF…  Individual focused, client driven markets  Value for money, market-price  Co-contributions, outcomes and impacts  Quality frameworks and best standard practice  Risk management strategies, contingency planning  Brand awareness, stakeholder relationships  Expertise, experience, sector leaders  Financial management, cash flow forecasts  Purposeful strategic direction, goals and objectives  Social value, impact on community  Diversified service delivery

4 On your mark… Org GOVERNANCE FINANCESTRATEGYRISKOPERATIONSSERVICESCAPACITYIDENTITY Review your answers to the DIY Fitness Test… In which areas were you a… o Couch Potato o Needing Gym Membership o Building Muscle o Marathon Runner Would others in your organisation agree with you?

5 Financial viability and sustainability Under individual packages, funding moves from the Provider to the Individual – and payments move from “in advance” to “on satisfactory delivery”  What does that mean for our cash flow?  Do we have sufficient surpluses to cover expenses during the transition period?  What additional expenses will we need to consider?  Can our finance system manage the accounting and reporting needs of multiple individuals vs 3 or 4 government clients?  What will be our policy on Bad Debt?

6 Get Set… The Organisational Toolkit has been developed by NDS and the Workforce Council, under the Sector Readiness Initiative… It is a great starting point to identify what you need to work on. 1. Strategic Capability 2. Governance, leadership and culture 3. Client and market focus 4. Financial sustainability 5. Workforce planning & development 6. Innovation, quality & improvement 7. Information, knowledge & process management 8. Collaboration & partnering 1. ASPIRING 2. EVOLVING 3. CAPABLE 4. EXCELLENT

7 Governance, Leadership and Culture  Our organisation has an appropriate legal structure to enable us to deliver our service sustainably  The Board comprises of appropriately qualified members, with skill sets that are appropriate to our business and the environment we operate in.  There is a process in place whereby the Board has oversight over key decisions, and is provided with sufficient information to analyse and assess risk, and ensure alignment with the organisation’s vision. This includes response to sector reforms and ensuring organisational sustainability.  Both our Board and Leadership identify and monitor opportunities and risks for the organisation and ensure associated action plans are implemented.


9 GO! International Model: Integrated Viability and Assessment Tool identifies four critical business functions to sustainability. © International Development Research Centre, Canada. & Inter-American Development Bank, USA




13 Critical areas of development 1.OPERATIONS - Integrated systems - Contracts management 2.FINANCE - Finance system - Bad debt management 3.SERVICES - Services and products - Service delivery model 4.CAPACITY - Skills development 5.IDENTITY - Brand position - Market SWOT analysis - Communication Org GOVERNANCE FINANCESTRATEGYRISKOPERATIONSSERVICESCAPACITYIDENTITY

14 Developing your plan… FOR EACH CHANGE IDENTIFIED, workshop the strategy and objective(s) of the organisation to meet future needs under this change, considering;  Strategic options - Be future thinking and look outside of traditional service models of delivery  Risks and opportunities - Don’t be afraid of risk if it can be managed, and the opportunities are great  Actions - Once a strategy is selected – what are the actions?  Timing - What is the timeline  Resource allocation (internal/external) - Who will do it?  Outcomes (KPI’s) - How will the Board measure the outcomes?

15 Tools and resources All three models are included on your DIY Health Check resource CD. For further information contact Linda Hayes at Or connect with us on LinkedIn!

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