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Pre-IB Math 10 Teacher: Andy Brown Room 2013

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1 Pre-IB Math 10 Teacher: Andy Brown Room 2013 E-mail:


3 Who am I? Math 10 teacher and T.O.K 1 son who is 3 years old, My wife is Mrs. Brown in room 2026 I Love playing sports, coaching sports and sometimes watching sports (Boston Fan for ALL Sports) This past year I coached High School Girls Softball and U4 soccer Listen to Country music and classic rock Love cooking but more importantly EATING Anything else you need to know… Ask.

4 Important websites Math 10 Textbook link: Pearson BooksPearson Books Username: nsmath10 Password: nsebook10 Mr. Brown’s website and calendar Mr. Brown’s website calendar All notes from previous classes will be added to the calendar at the end of the day. All Important dates will also be kept here. Moodle Login The moodle page will be used for watching online videos, participating in online quizzes and discussions. The intent is to FLIP your class!

5 Classroom Expectations Be Respectful to yourself, your classmates and you teacher. No Drinks other than Water You may snack in class but NO Meals NO Electronics or Phones No Hats in class and dress appropriately

6 Course Breakdown -Measurement (20%)-Algebra and Number (20%) -Relations and Functions (25%) - Provincial Exam in June (20%) -Financial Mathematics (15%) All chapters from the Pre-IB text will be incorporated into these Units

7 Supplies Binder with loose leaf, graph paper, dividers, pen, pencil, eraser, ruler, calculator, colored pencils or markers. 1 basic “Hilroy” style Scribblers (conversation/observation) 1 Duotong for maintaining a Portfolio of assessments 4 “AAA” batteries for use of TI-84 calculators. These calculators are available for use by the students but the school does not supply batteries. Students may bring batteries to use in class and take them out at the end of class.


9 Assessments Daily Questions – personal check to see how you did on Homework from the previous night. Weekly Question – This will be similar to the daily question but you will be required to reflect on you work by answering questions about the problem. Every Thursday, these will be kept in a scribbler/duotang and handed in at the end of every month. Quizzes – Every Friday on the material covered that week Chapter Tests – Tests covering material on a specific chapter. Cumulative Tests – Tests covering ALL material to that date. These will happen at the end of each unit. In-class assignments – Throughout the year you will be asked to complete work in groups but submit individual copies of the answers. Projects Other assessments that may come up during the year. Provincial Exam *** ALL Assessments that are Pre-IB outcomes will be scaled. If it is an outcome from Math 10 it will not be scaled.

10 Missed Classes and Assessments Notes will be online for missed classes. Videos of certain examples/lessons will be on the moodle site. Missed assessments are to be made up during extra help. They will marked as INCOMPLETE until assessment is COMPLETE

11 Extras You will be able to re-write one assessment a semester (Excluding Cumulative tests). It must be re-done before January Exams for first semester and before June Exams for second semester.

12 Textbook Sign Up

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